Trip to Bandar + Window Shopping Part 1

If it wasn’t Setia Motors insist me going up their main branch collecting the cheque personally. I won’t be planning to for some window shopping and had to borrow car from my sister. I really wish I could get my new car next month so that it will be easier next time.

Now, after collecting my cheque and went straight to the nearby Baiduri banking in the money before headed to The Mall. Morning was good over there and easily found a parking outside. I went straight to Maya Silk Emporium shop to check out Adidas running shoe. I not that kind of person bother much on the shoe design or latest products. As long it worked best for my barefoot and comforting during exercising. Since the guys told me they had to send the new pair from the store. I decided spend some time dropping by CH-ToyNation and Go Figure! including Kawan Ria toy shop for survey.

BTW, I got an Adidas Watkins 2 (Running/Course) shoe for B$120.00.

Ahem…Yup, I didn’t buy any single thing. I know I’m an asshole when it comes to pricing. But somehow, none were interests me except Gundam and trying to look out for MP Grimlock. Too bad, Kawan Ria pricing were so expensive that I have to walk off. Not all, some of them are okay with me especially the HGUC and limited bundle Unicorn with display head stand. I understand Yen has been weakening in the exchange rate and affect the entire business. Nothing against them, it just I use to buying and compare pricing from the internet so which makes me nowadays not use to buying through the local shop.


Go Figure Shop on the other hand has been expanding and improved. It’s good to see them started selling iGear products (Sorry! blur photo!), comics, t-shirts and Star Wars collection. Again, not quite a fan on comic characters except Halo and Metal Gear so far. I did however saw MP Grimlock display in the shelves. It is an open package and the price kinda too expensive for me to afford. I cannot tell if that is the limited released version seems like I have to search through eBay or wait for restock in RK.

Continue Part 2 soon.


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