Head Robots – Hot Head Upgrade Review

Here is another review for the third party maker toy from Headrobots.com. Hot Head is the second upgrade latest product released last month. The upgrade can be use on either Transformers Universe Hard Head and works with any Vintage Headmaster toys which is pretty damn cool.
It just too bad there isn’t any Headmaster body left around in my care. So in this review, I will be using Hot Head upgrade kit on Universe (Ultra Class) Hard Head figure. Yes, this is a redeco version of Onslaught and can only be found exclusively in Walmart US and hardly available in Asia market. The only way to get it is from direct eBay. Do note that the selling price might be going to be expensive by now due to the popularity upgrade kit already available in worldwide market.
Currently Hot Head upgrade kit only available purchase in Robotkingdom.com which I got it for US$29.90. The packing is simple, a hard paper with artwork and full instruction guide on the back.
Inside the packing, it contains:
  • 1x Duro-5 (Headmaster)
  • 2x Beam Rifle
  • 1x Shoulder or Hand Cannon
  • 1x Multi Backpack
  • 1x Vintage Headmaster adapter
The quality of the PVC plastic for the kits is strong I have to say. The mod also turns out really nice details especially the face of the figure. Head Robots guys did mention taking quite a while finalizing the design. However, it has minor flaw like the empty space or holes found on the figure leg. You eventually will understand what I mean once I show you the photos.
No one for sure if that is meant for reducing cost on the material used on the figure. But it’s like leaving scar in the empty hole really turns the figure a bit ugly. Although this only just located on the back, I believe the figure itself still can improve regardless.
On this photo, this is Duro-5 robot form. The figure got four movable ball joints, movable knees and the arms allow holding any LEGO weapons.
You probably might want to see how small Duro-5 compares with the others. The left is Vintage Micromaster Countdown and the right is PE-01 Shadow Warrior.
If you wondering how small Duro-5 standing in front Universe Hard Head.
Alright, time to get Hard Head upgrade and arms with more firepower. To get the original head removed, you will need to remove 1x big screw and 2x small screws on the back, same procedure with Onslaught. Finally you just transform Duro-5 and insert into the round slot.
There you go, a newly Universe reborn Headmaster toy, packing with more firepower!
Here are the photos for the transform vehicle mode. Yes the Duro-5 can sit inside including the weapons and backpack still can attach at the top of the tank.
Final Conclusion
What can I say about Hot Head upgrade kit? Honestly, I am really pleased with the upgrade and turn my Hard Head into more different looking Autobot compared to the original. There is one question though that most reviewers didn’t mention clearly what is the effect when the led light up. Yes, you still can sees, but not so clear. The reason behind this is because the thick visors clear plastic was used in the figure so it won’t lights up clearly compare to the original.
I myself do not bother by it since I never intend to play with it. Nonetheless, if you own Universe Hard Head, I recommend you go for the upgrade. It will definitely make your Hard Head worth more. For collectors who own Onslaught color version, I suspect Head Robots folks might going to release it with different version as well. Hopefully I am able to get their third upgrade release soon.


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