RMS-106CB Hi-Zack Boost Custom - Work-In-Progress #1

After getting the wrong spray paint color for the Rebawoo, I decided to put on hold and start working on Hi-Zack until next month. If it wasn't when I found out my car front tires are damage, I would have already bought on my next trip back to KB town. For the sake of my safety, I have to control my budget spending and replace it. Well, May is coming very soon so do the salary next week.

As the name implies, I am working on Hi-Zack high mobility type build. I am still reviewing the parts require working on. Thanks to the recent teasing photos of the A.O.Z Reboot Hi-Zack. The design inspires me again to improve further. For now, I will concentrate improving the articulations of the body which you can find in the photos below.

The putty are getting bad (three years already), this is why I applied so much into the kit to make sure it won't felt loose. The pla-plate also serve as balance for both roll swing joints and the ball mount point positions. It helps a lot rather applying only putty.

The next one are applying putty for the MS Vernier into the Hi-Zack leg. Actually I do have second thought doing that. In the end, you just have to go for it until you know if it was mistake or not. Let's see how it goes.

TechOne Global New IT Training Competitor

Just when I was planning my new direction by abandoning remaining both Administering and Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services training courses last year. My decision change after discover much more affordable training price from Techno Rada.

Each of them cost BND$700.00 which it is basically around 60% cheaper compared to TechOne Global price for BND$1950.00 each. But you guys need to take note that it only cover training classes and food accommodation without exam voucher. From my inquires with the sales executive, you can also optionally choose to include by buying the exam voucher from them. Even so, the total amount still 40% cheaper.

I personally think this is great for those of us wanted to ease our financial planning especially without company sponsor and time focusing to the next courses or levels. It is discouraging idea not taking the exam after training. But in Brunei, not many IT employees really get pay with high salary scale. Not to mention earning MCSA: Windows Server 2012 title requires you to complete all three examinations, not just one. So there are majority of us couldn’t afford to pay such fees and needed longer time to invest instead.

Nonetheless, price are one thing. In the end goes down to how good the trainers teaches in the class. I am happy with the TechOne Global trainer because that instructor has great background teaching Window Server 2012 course and provide me very good resources on the learning. It just that I didn't pass so kinda sad.

Reckless Drivers Are Everywhere

If any of you read or got wind of the news posted from Facebook regarding a motorist got kill by Bruneian car at Miri last Sunday cause a quite a big fuss. Even we all seems like got criticize for being reckless drivers by many Malaysian from Sarawak driving in Miri. Let's be honest about this, reckless drivers are everywhere.

It's no use pointing who is right or wrong. No one wanted this accident happens but sadly there's no stopping every day. However, using the accident to stir up the problem between Bruneian and Mirian is just something for those who apparently have nothing to do want for attention and fun promoting their Facebook so don't blindly fall for it. No matter what race you are from, there are always good and bad human beings. Let the Malaysian police in Miri do their job investigate and wait for the reports behind this accident rather endlessly wasting time criticizing each others.