Reckless Drivers Are Everywhere

If any of you read or got wind of the news posted from Facebook regarding a motorist got kill by Bruneian car at Miri last Sunday cause a quite a big fuss. Even we all seems like got criticize for being reckless drivers by many Malaysian from Sarawak driving in Miri. Let's be honest about this, reckless drivers are everywhere.

It's no use pointing who is right or wrong. No one wanted this accident happens but sadly there's no stopping every day. However, using the accident to stir up the problem between Bruneian and Mirian is just something for those who apparently have nothing to do want for attention and fun promoting their Facebook so don't blindly fall for it. No matter what race you are from, there are always good and bad human beings. Let the Malaysian police in Miri do their job investigate and wait for the reports behind this accident rather endlessly wasting time criticizing each others.


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