RMS-106CB Hi-Zack Boost Custom - Work-In-Progress #1

After getting the wrong spray paint color for the Rebawoo, I decided to put on hold and start working on Hi-Zack until next month. If it wasn't when I found out my car front tires are damage, I would have already bought on my next trip back to KB town. For the sake of my safety, I have to control my budget spending and replace it. Well, May is coming very soon so do the salary next week.

As the name implies, I am working on Hi-Zack high mobility type build. I am still reviewing the parts require working on. Thanks to the recent teasing photos of the A.O.Z Reboot Hi-Zack. The design inspires me again to improve further. For now, I will concentrate improving the articulations of the body which you can find in the photos below.

The putty are getting bad (three years already), this is why I applied so much into the kit to make sure it won't felt loose. The pla-plate also serve as balance for both roll swing joints and the ball mount point positions. It helps a lot rather applying only putty.

The next one are applying putty for the MS Vernier into the Hi-Zack leg. Actually I do have second thought doing that. In the end, you just have to go for it until you know if it was mistake or not. Let's see how it goes.


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