Paypal finally open for Brunei!

Yes! :smile: Now every Bruneian can start registering Paypal account and sending money to all family, friends and relatives from around the Paypal Worldwide using your credit cards. You can even make purchasing too on any supported Paypal online merchants. I'm not really sure about the bank transfer to Paypal in Brunei bank. However, I am sure that it is not yet supported (possibility) and especially currently Paypal cannot allow Bruneian to received any money from other countries. I would think of there could be no local bank (yet) supporting for receiving money from Paypal, :sad: which is quite a let down for us as many locals and foreigners currently using Western Union.

I don't really like Western Union at all. They are suck! (Totally Suck!!!) I just couldn't forget sending a $130.00 only and I got charge for $25.00 fee to Singapore. Yeah I had the right to pissed off. :mad: I don't mind if I charge for that amount fee unless I am sending really big cash to somebody. I will never ever thinking about using Western Union, unless that is neccessary if by requests from someone. :lol: