Transformers Deluxe VS Value Pack

Probably I am simply too self bargain thinking without realizing it. I couldn’t help it yesterday and went to open and played with it. After messing around with the toy, posing and doing transformation into alternator mode. I just realize that the Hasbro value pack version actually has much degrades in colors, quality and more mess up on some parts of the toys.

This just worried me so I went to check the current value pack Rodimus and Starscream, including Twin Pack, Jetfire and Grimlock. Only two of them quality looks bad and the other two is okay for Rodimus and Jetfire. The worst is the Autobot and Decepticon badges are using stickers rather than printed on it. I maybe wrong about this because I remember during my childhood ages, most of my headmaster Transformers do have the similar sticker’s badges.

I should have asked Stephenus Prime for advice earlier but it just never pop into my mind about this question. Because of this, I went to do some search on Google to find some answers. Well, it seems like there are some TF fans does mention that those value pack release by Hasbro does have degrade on the quality on both toys and colors. Even the current Transformers movie toys version too released by today Takara Tomy.

This is only just my speculations. Just correct me if I am wrong. Happy Holiday to all!

For Sale – MG Destiny Gundam with Decal

What a crap coming end of the year 2009. My car got crawl by ants trying to make a home inside my car and now the back of the car boot handle broke! Geezzz! I am trying to sell off one of my MG plastic kit to fix it.
Anyhow, this is brand new Master Grade Destiny Gundam I brought this year and I am going to give the water decal for free by closing one eye. Well, I am the person doesn’t like to use stickers, so before I assemble any MG or HG kits, I will need to use water decals no matter what. Without any of those, I will not build them even if I got the spray paint ready.

The price for this MG is B$68.00 only and will deliver up to Tutong areas only. Do not worry any missing parts as I always done a full inspections once it arrived!

Self pick up is all welcome! Lastly, no price negotiation and non-returnable! Any of you interested can contact me through the contact link above. Thank you.


For Sale – Figma Drossel

Figma Drossel for sale! Any locals who are interest buying can contact me by clicking the contact link above. This is a brand new Figma and never played except only open the seal below for inspecting the helmet before requesting GSC for parts replacement for my another one (left). This is the good one compare to mine current out from the box which originally have two damage.

My final price is B$55.00 and free delivery up until Tutong town (sorry, my lousy car issue). Please, NO price negotiation as I already decided not to include any shipping price on this new figure.
Extra: Any of you can click the “Garage Sales” category to find out more what I am selling from out of the box or brand new items in the future. I will focus the sales in local only at the moment.

December 2009 Online Orders – ALMOST!

Woo! Hoo! Another three arrived this week! They are from Ami-Ami, HLJ (again) and eBay seller. Yes, most of them are Transformers and Revoltech Full Metal Panic! action toys. Probably you guys didn’t expect a character statue in my list for this month. Yes, that is Kobato Hanato from Clamp.

I already eyeing Kobato for quite a while and finding the best price to get her at Ami-Ami. Yes, it’s a very beautiful made quality figure from Kotobukiya below 4,000 Yen and I like the packing too. Two more coming!

Brunei DevMeet 2009

Just check out the coverage at:

All comes with different photos, so have fun looking at the events. Really hope next time I can visit the event, not until I got my own new car and nice camera. ^^;;; Ah…all goes to my toys. yikes!

December 2009 Online Orders – HALF!

This are the first half orders from Robot Kingdom, Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search. They have arrived in the post last week which I pick up in the morning today. Not a really good timing for me because of encountering two holidays on Saturday (coming this week too) and this is hard for me to pick up the rest sooner. Even my boss is not around, I am not okay during with my work probation. I probably need my aunt to help this time.

Two more probably might arrive by this week or next. The rest of them are from Ebay which probably follow soon or wait till next month. Anyway, I will be doing the short review on each Transformers I brought next year once I done photo booth setup. Truly, I really fall in love on Transformers Universe and Henkei again after seeing it myself. More to come!

Ebay Transformers Bidding

I had to be honest to myself. Ebay is a crazy place to find products. Way so crazy I was entirely drawn into bidding on some exclusive Transformers that hard to find in the markets today. I already won one and some is still ongoing until it ends tomorrow. Lucky one of them already outbid me and I feel relieve now, just hope that asshole really pays up. All else I have to burden the cost. Fuck!

If you wonder what kind of exclusive stuff I am into. Here is one of em, the Dengeki Hobby Energon Superlink Rodimus Convoy (black version and only 5000 released in Japan only). If I had more money at hand, I would definitely keep going to outbid this. But at the moment, really hate to skip this offer due to unforeseen over spending this December and got too reserved for the last payment on my last hope bid until tomorrow. If any of you guys are interested on this item, good news to you all that the bidding still running for one more week.

For your information, Robot Kingdom is selling it for US$99.90 and someone just outbid me for US$31.00, so you have plenty of time thinking if it worth going. Like I said above, I would definitely give it a go until my maximum bids. It’s kinda of funny that Rodimus popularity out beat Megatron so much. Transformers toys are always full of surprise, don’t they?

How about the others I am currently bidding? Fuck you! I’m not going tell you guys only until I win! HA!

First Saving Blow in Life Time

I can’t believe it either seeing my entire life blowing my whole month saving on toys! This is going to hit me hard next month. There is two more pending on the payments and I have no idea what to do about it especially on the ebay I recently got obsessed on bidding. Right now, gives up on the remaining orders and hopefully someone would outbid me on the items I (really) wanted to purchase. I’m not sure how the seller react if I don’t pay up if I won the auction, but I’m sure it would be bad getting blacklisted by Ebay LOL. Hope my explanations excuse may turn the table and wish someone outbid me. HA!

The only things I can think of solving this issue is raise my credit card limit from B$500.00 to B$700.00 at the moment and it’s already approved. I also settle it early to lower down the credit limit a bit. Well, can’t say how long it would takes to reach new limit again due to the undecided pending payments. I really hopes everything goes smoothly until new year. Hate to say I didn’t see this coming that this year is so special for toy collectors.

The Return of My Transformers

Yes! From this month onward, I am going to concentrating 50% collections on Transformers toys line. Not all, but mostly on the Universe and those limited or exclusive release versions. For movie version, it is undecided if I should go for it or not. Don’t get me wrong, the designs are cool. It just doesn’t move my heart yet.

Another watch out list is the recent announcement of the new Transformers game for next year, War For Cybertron. The new toys rumors are also already in the work so you guys should keep watching on the TF news site. If you haven’t seen yet, you guys should check it out the video trailer! It’s awesome!

Okay now, I did miss quite a lot during these past years and really hope Hasbro and Takara Tomy would re-release again. I know it’s very unlikely, since Takara Tomy has already announced stop producing Henkei! line and only release those exclusive version in the market. This is going to be hard getting most of them through Japanese online shops. Even I hardly find Hasbro releasing the previous Universe version.

Well, can’t say everything is loss for me because there are many possible ways to get it again. Ebay for instance, is the only great place to start your searching. The results are going to be very slim and much more expensive due to the popularity, especially for those characters like Optimus Prime, Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. You just have to take the time finding the right price, bidding and sellers, most importantly if they shipped to worldwide.

I’m not to worries about the rest because with so many years of buying online, I have saved quite a lot of useful links. All I need to do are rechecking one by one for the availability and survey on their shipping costs to Brunei. So far, only two (three actually) of them are in my recommend top list, Robots Kingdom and TF Toys from Hong Kong. The third is Transformers Collectors' Club, can’t say it’s recommended to you all because it require to join (pay) for the yearly membership to get a good deals and access to their exclusive toys. Visit the site for more information and benefits becoming member.

As for the local shops, the only places I know are Chong Hock and Hua Ho (in some location) offer very good prices. I am already eyeing on Unicorn in CH, it just too bad I don’t go up very often so I might missed it sooner or later. If you guys have any leads for other local shops or recommend for me to check out. Just drop in your message in the post comments. No worry, I am serious buyer as long the price is RIGHT! Of course I won’t collect something I already owned it too.

Weekend DIY Search

As always end of the year, my life is definitely going to be boring. Since I started my new job last on October, it will take a while until next year I can take leave for vacation or rest. Hate to keep on thinking about it. Anyway, I have some unfinished DIY projects left in my lists which for one I am planning to build a nice small photo booth for shooting my toys and gadgets.

It sure took me a while on the planning. I think almost few months delay and nope, it still in progress at the moment because I continue to look up on some budgets setup guide on the website. I manage find some and very useful guide online so far to improve my ideas on the design. Sadly, I do find it there were many draws back for long term used, so most likely it doesn’t work pretty well for me especially when you are considering using hard boxes and then the lighting position is going to be pain in the ass. Not to mention most of the stuffs do not available in Brunei so we have to look for other options and careful planning.

To figure out for the best for my budget limit DIY version, I went to some hardware shops for some search for right suitable stuffs photo booth setup. You know what? I can’t believe I finally found materials and can grantee it will definitely set you guys at least B$50.00 below. It can be more as it depending on your requirements and some extra professional touch up. For example, like the dark glass for the base (as seen in my previous Eva 05 photo post). I can’t say how much you might able to get in the market because I got it free from my mom friends. ^^ All I can tell you it’s not cheap for glass.

It is a dream comes true for me able to build something. However, I am going put on hold this project until my next pay out next year. Reason is simple, over spending. Don’t worry! I will provide everything you need to know how you get in our local hardware shop and the total amount I spend on it. Rest assured that you can even find it every where in Brunei.

My Nightmare with Hobby Search

I am starting to hate Hobby Search more and more than ever. It seems like their customer’s services and the system of their pissed me off greatly whenever I place my order. Some of you might not have any problem with them, in my case there were a lot and I am pretty disappointing with the treatment.

If you read my previous post about the Visa card issue, it was confirm by HSBC staff that require for replacement (Shewsbury previous comment also mentions it) next week because I stop the transaction. This is really too bad for me to renew everything again including the Paypal.

According to the bank, the transaction was also already blocked. I was wondering how Hobby Search going to react when the card numbers was already cancel? Hahaha… No, I am kind enough to ask them to tell me the name they are using it to charge the customers. They just continue so stubborn and refuse to tell and so, I block the transaction as I treat it as a fraud charges.

I also received the response from the Hobby Search yesterday regarding the issue and because one of the items was out of stock. They can do whatever they want without informing the buyers about it, as long you selected “just ship available items (Shipping faster)” during your checkout. There are no escapes methods from this.

It was god damn expensive shipping only one item, but luckily I choose the 50% off item so I am not quite fully piss off yet.

Visa Card Just Got Block - Update

Apparently, it was Hobby Search mistake causing confusion on my HSBC credit card transaction. I just received the information that my item was shipped out while ago and after checking the amount. It was 2,116 Yen that was mention by the operator and damn, because of their system made a big mistake on my order. I told the HSBC guy that was not the order I made yesterday because the amount is more than 2,000 yen. This got me into a mess and now my Visa card has to be ban and require replacing for a new one. Geezzz!

God damn it, Hobby Search. Now I have to wait for their response on their ordering system mistake and also either going to HSBC bank or wait for their call if it possible to lift my Visa card ban. Argg…

Man, just now, I thought who is calling my hand phone when seeing the unknown number. Didn’t expect that was HSBC operator (whom I thought is the kidnapper) and inform me that there are unauthorized transactions charges made from Japan. I have no idea who was that company and I can’t get clear information about the person trying to charge me because the operator act like a deep shit talking to me.

When I try to confirm and asked him to check the amount, it doesn’t add up. In the end, I have to get my card ban from using it and require replacing it in the nearby bank. Fuck, I have two more upcoming pending payments and it suddenly come to this. This is not good!

First Look: Toy-Wave Online Shop

Toy-Wave is another alternative online shop to look for special release or limited Japanese toys from Hong Kong. They even have something you couldn’t possibly find again in other store today as well. However, all of these come at a high price even many normal items which I can conclude the marks up are around estimate more than 15-20%.

How do I know? It’s pretty easy if you read the company details (even look at the price on the website). They reveal a hint themselves that if you visit their shop in Hong Kong, you will entitle 10% off purchasing directly. Don’t you think this is sounds like telling us we should be paying another 10% extra charges to cover their losses selling through the website? Well, maybe I am wrong and probably mean a special discount for visitor and foreigner buyers. LOL!

The worst I discover is seeing those bundling figures or plastic kits from magazines like Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan are selling separately with at least two times the price. My advices to buyers should take cautiously when placing your order. It’s kinda funny there are buyers willing to folk out their money for it when you can actually buy from either or Walter Hobby with much lower price.

Free VIP membership card is also available as it comes with 10% discount for all items. The condition is simple, you just have to purchase over USD$300.00 to be eligible receiving this offer. It’s up to you all if this worth it or not. To me, this is just a pointless offer to be spending my money on.

I haven’t made any single order yet but there are things I probably might want to get it next year. Just a reminder, the shipping forms they done on the website are very unfriendly for the new buyers. There are many options to choose from like what kind of shipping methods and packing you want base on your own budgets. Another issue is also the information’s they provide is very unclear, so it’s recommend you drop them a message to check for availability and if the bonus items are together with it because they probably might already sold it off separately.

It is not quite a recommended online shop from my personal interest. But from time to time, Toy-Wave does doing monthly offers and festival promotions. Right now, the Christmas promotion already started. Check it out!

HLJ Blowout Sales!

It was really great timing ordering toys during coming Christmas. I manage to get something in HLJ Blowout Sales after the count down begin on the website yesterday. Actually it was two minutes early before the Admin updated the front page. I got to thanks to the HLJ newsletter for the direct link accessing so fast.

Now, what did I manage to get this time? Yes, it is same as usual for hunting Gundam again. I simply can’t help it because there weren’t any other interested non-Gundam mecha or figures I wanted to get. In the end, I brought Gundam Fix Figuration Shin Musha and HG 1/100 Gundam Seravee Gundam Designer Version including extra order for Tamashii Stage Act 3 clear display stand and others paint accessories to the lists which I plan previously.

Anyhow, it was a waste that I don’t see many nice Transformers and other non-Gundam action toys in the Blowout Sales. Figure? Nah, not a single one attracts me except for Kingdoms Heart II trading figure which is simply out of my budgets line so I skip it. Nonetheless, free express shipping is what everyone expecting during the holiday. If you haven’t grabbed some, you should do it now before it ends on this Friday.

First Look - Rakuten Ichiba International

Rakuten Ichiba is a large internet shopping mall in Japan. There are over 22,000 shops open over there and approximately millions of different products were listed in their web directory. Since so many shops were setup in a single mall, we are expecting many different pricing and products comes up in the directory search from range of electronics, clothing, toys, games and others.

I’m not going to do any review on this site, but I will just gives you a quick heads up what I discover during my search on toys. It is quite an impressive marketing idea behind this system for my own view because you can also do pre-ordering too. At the same time, it is a bit complicated too whiles not every local shop opens their doors for international buyer’s access to their goods.

However, there are few things you also need to take notes.

  • Firstly, many items might include tax. Since most of the shops are originally not an online stores. You will be buying those things under local price and probably more expensive compare to the other online stores.
  • Secondly, not every of them offer their goods for sell to international buyers which I mention above. I discover this issue when I tried to place my order for limited Gundam that only available in Japan. Although I don’t quite understand why, it also didn’t give much information about it too.
  • Lastly, the shipping handling will be either prepare by Rakuten Ichiba or the local shops so expecting different EMS shipping charges.

Anyway, I find out about this shopping mall when I was browsing around Singapore forum few months ago which I wanted to post it a long time. There are quite a lot of positive feedbacks purchasing from Rakuten Ichiba and even says that their price is better. I not really sure about it but you guys should check out yourself and decide.

Happy Christmas shopping! Another note, HLJ is doing it again this Monday! Prepare your credit card!

Ants Attack!

These got damn ants never stop trying making nest inside my car. It’s been few weeks seeing this non-stop fucking ants crawling around my car and hiding. I was lucky enough able to spot most those hiding place and took full action slaughtering them including the eggs every time I sees it.

I have no idea what attracts those ants going to my car, but the other two cars doesn’t seem to have that issue in the garage which I believe haven’t yet. However, after starting parking my car outside on the grass, it’s getting lesser compare to the past. But I still continue doing a lot of cleaning inside my car and the garage floor. It still doesn’t stop them coming. Only today, I saw them climbing in the pole towards my house roof and starts killing them again.

Ants are the worst insect in my list. I hate them and probably the most annoying one ever. If Hoi Hoi san really does exist in the tomorrow technology, I would love to buy few of them patrolling my house shooting this god damn insects.