First Look: Toy-Wave Online Shop

Toy-Wave is another alternative online shop to look for special release or limited Japanese toys from Hong Kong. They even have something you couldn’t possibly find again in other store today as well. However, all of these come at a high price even many normal items which I can conclude the marks up are around estimate more than 15-20%.

How do I know? It’s pretty easy if you read the company details (even look at the price on the website). They reveal a hint themselves that if you visit their shop in Hong Kong, you will entitle 10% off purchasing directly. Don’t you think this is sounds like telling us we should be paying another 10% extra charges to cover their losses selling through the website? Well, maybe I am wrong and probably mean a special discount for visitor and foreigner buyers. LOL!

The worst I discover is seeing those bundling figures or plastic kits from magazines like Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan are selling separately with at least two times the price. My advices to buyers should take cautiously when placing your order. It’s kinda funny there are buyers willing to folk out their money for it when you can actually buy from either or Walter Hobby with much lower price.

Free VIP membership card is also available as it comes with 10% discount for all items. The condition is simple, you just have to purchase over USD$300.00 to be eligible receiving this offer. It’s up to you all if this worth it or not. To me, this is just a pointless offer to be spending my money on.

I haven’t made any single order yet but there are things I probably might want to get it next year. Just a reminder, the shipping forms they done on the website are very unfriendly for the new buyers. There are many options to choose from like what kind of shipping methods and packing you want base on your own budgets. Another issue is also the information’s they provide is very unclear, so it’s recommend you drop them a message to check for availability and if the bonus items are together with it because they probably might already sold it off separately.

It is not quite a recommended online shop from my personal interest. But from time to time, Toy-Wave does doing monthly offers and festival promotions. Right now, the Christmas promotion already started. Check it out!


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