The Return of My Transformers

Yes! From this month onward, I am going to concentrating 50% collections on Transformers toys line. Not all, but mostly on the Universe and those limited or exclusive release versions. For movie version, it is undecided if I should go for it or not. Don’t get me wrong, the designs are cool. It just doesn’t move my heart yet.

Another watch out list is the recent announcement of the new Transformers game for next year, War For Cybertron. The new toys rumors are also already in the work so you guys should keep watching on the TF news site. If you haven’t seen yet, you guys should check it out the video trailer! It’s awesome!

Okay now, I did miss quite a lot during these past years and really hope Hasbro and Takara Tomy would re-release again. I know it’s very unlikely, since Takara Tomy has already announced stop producing Henkei! line and only release those exclusive version in the market. This is going to be hard getting most of them through Japanese online shops. Even I hardly find Hasbro releasing the previous Universe version.

Well, can’t say everything is loss for me because there are many possible ways to get it again. Ebay for instance, is the only great place to start your searching. The results are going to be very slim and much more expensive due to the popularity, especially for those characters like Optimus Prime, Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. You just have to take the time finding the right price, bidding and sellers, most importantly if they shipped to worldwide.

I’m not to worries about the rest because with so many years of buying online, I have saved quite a lot of useful links. All I need to do are rechecking one by one for the availability and survey on their shipping costs to Brunei. So far, only two (three actually) of them are in my recommend top list, Robots Kingdom and TF Toys from Hong Kong. The third is Transformers Collectors' Club, can’t say it’s recommended to you all because it require to join (pay) for the yearly membership to get a good deals and access to their exclusive toys. Visit the site for more information and benefits becoming member.

As for the local shops, the only places I know are Chong Hock and Hua Ho (in some location) offer very good prices. I am already eyeing on Unicorn in CH, it just too bad I don’t go up very often so I might missed it sooner or later. If you guys have any leads for other local shops or recommend for me to check out. Just drop in your message in the post comments. No worry, I am serious buyer as long the price is RIGHT! Of course I won’t collect something I already owned it too.


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