My Nightmare with Hobby Search

I am starting to hate Hobby Search more and more than ever. It seems like their customer’s services and the system of their pissed me off greatly whenever I place my order. Some of you might not have any problem with them, in my case there were a lot and I am pretty disappointing with the treatment.

If you read my previous post about the Visa card issue, it was confirm by HSBC staff that require for replacement (Shewsbury previous comment also mentions it) next week because I stop the transaction. This is really too bad for me to renew everything again including the Paypal.

According to the bank, the transaction was also already blocked. I was wondering how Hobby Search going to react when the card numbers was already cancel? Hahaha… No, I am kind enough to ask them to tell me the name they are using it to charge the customers. They just continue so stubborn and refuse to tell and so, I block the transaction as I treat it as a fraud charges.

I also received the response from the Hobby Search yesterday regarding the issue and because one of the items was out of stock. They can do whatever they want without informing the buyers about it, as long you selected “just ship available items (Shipping faster)” during your checkout. There are no escapes methods from this.

It was god damn expensive shipping only one item, but luckily I choose the 50% off item so I am not quite fully piss off yet.

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  1. shit...tat's really annoying especially when you are really looking forward to those items...and bank stuffs is always troublesome to do...


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