Ants Attack!

These got damn ants never stop trying making nest inside my car. It’s been few weeks seeing this non-stop fucking ants crawling around my car and hiding. I was lucky enough able to spot most those hiding place and took full action slaughtering them including the eggs every time I sees it.

I have no idea what attracts those ants going to my car, but the other two cars doesn’t seem to have that issue in the garage which I believe haven’t yet. However, after starting parking my car outside on the grass, it’s getting lesser compare to the past. But I still continue doing a lot of cleaning inside my car and the garage floor. It still doesn’t stop them coming. Only today, I saw them climbing in the pole towards my house roof and starts killing them again.

Ants are the worst insect in my list. I hate them and probably the most annoying one ever. If Hoi Hoi san really does exist in the tomorrow technology, I would love to buy few of them patrolling my house shooting this god damn insects.


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