Sunday Last Nov Fever

Glad to have a three days holiday! I was supposed to post this up yesterday but my body won’t listen because I was overwork on Saturday during the exercise and now full of body pain. Today I’m feeling better after taking an afternoon nap.

Sunday. I didn’t expect this time going to the capital. If it wasn’t about sending my mom to the airport, I will never move my ass from the bed. But the plan change because my company was taking off on today, so I decided go for some window shopping without worrying exhausted on the next day.

After that, my sister and I went straight to Mata Mata area first for massaging. Oh well, something you need to worry about your health rather than just keeping update on your toys. But after arriving there, my sister told me we are too early because the shop opens at twelve. Since we arrive hour early, we decide to drop by Supersave for some shopping.

I did spot some interesting product over there. One of them is Nutrient Water (NW). Many of us may never hear of it, if you were Danny Choo readers. You might probably already read about the vitamin drinks in one of the Good Smile events, if you can remember. NW was somewhat similar to these products and made from Australia. There are six different favors. Currently I only get the Cranberry Grapefruit favor first to try which contains multi vitamin (A, B, C, D and E).

Another one is GNC health products, I have been thinking about looking for this product after it advertises in BB. Yeah, I did thinking about going slim lately because of my weight have been going up these past years. From 65kg to 78kg is a huge shock for me five years. After taking some serious exercise and food controls, I manage to slim down from 78kg to 74kg. That’s all I can do for now because i can’t control my eating habits, which is why I am thinking about going down more by taking fats burn pills. Not sure how effective it is, but I decide to buy this week and tried to burn my fats!

Once done in Supersave shopping, we both went straight to the massage center. To be honest, I didn’t expect there are a lot of China employees working there. Well, at least those girls are pretty and of course they are looking for Mr. Right in Brunei. No difference at all in Singapore, but at least they did understand not all people in Brunei are rich (because they always believe it’s true that we are all rich! Doh~!). We both indeed have a nice chats and listening to their stories about its hometown in China.

Finally, our last next stop is to The mall. Man, it was a disaster over there and almost no parking spaces are available below at all. We were block at first, after going another round some available space were free and I drive straight down to park. The traffic is crazy during around two, I don’t know but it must be the people went crazy with Twlight New Moon and 2012 movies in cinema. It was full house and I am sure. Nah, I didn’t waste my time going there just to watch the movies. I am checking out the toy shops over there which was posted by some local bloggers.

Always at first, checking out Chong Hock Music Centre place. I am really impressed with the stocks they had imported over there. I was thinking about getting the Revoltech protect Gear, but it suddenly turns me off for some reason. It just makes me remembering coming December will be a new chaotic day for toy collectors.


I don’t know why I had such feeling but I just continue checking out the toys especially the Transformer because I want to know how big the size of it. I am just curious about it why the Mickey Mouse trailer is so small. Check out CH-Toynation blog for more information.

Second place to drop by, it’s the Kawan Ria toy shop which was advertise by Shewsbury. I went there for one reason, the Tamiya white paint! But it was disappointed because those spray paints are not meant to be use for the Gundam plastic. You guys might be wondering why it cannot be use. Don’t ask me, it was stated clearly written on the Tamiya spray cans. If I am not mistaken, according to Tamiya this paint chemical can melt your Gundam plastics.


Lastly, on the last floor, it’s the Go Figure! toy shop. I have been wanted to go there checking out the super heroes toys. This time I manage to drop by there and have a look around. I’m not entirely a Star War fans, but they are many great toys around there.


The most nostalgia toy in my days is the Centurion. I can’t believe all three man heroes (not for sale and one booked last seen) still around. It will be nice displaying in a toy museum for attractions. Hai~! I am still sad remembering my dad burn my Transformer Headmaster Scorpionuk as a trash. BTW, Go Figure! also got a blog, so check it out!


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