Nov 2009 Order

I went to pick up today in the afternoon after work which is the only day I could go down to town. Nothing much from this month order, it just another extra MG Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise with bonus pack and Revoltech Eva Provisional Unit 05 (movie version). I did plan to order over US$100.00 to free gift from After knowing what kind of gift you are getting, it just wasn’t worth it. If you are curios what kind of gift I am referring to, it’s the China copy made normal mechanical chain base that only cost US$6.50.
As for the MG Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise, I am glad to obtain the bonus backpack parts. But also the first time owing the three same MG at the same month! OMG! Right now, the only things I can think of are using the bonus pack for building different Blue frame. I already have one idea in mind and going to keep one as original. The extra one will require time to think once I obtain all Seed VS Astray MS. Also, I already tried attaching it to the normal HG 1/100 Astray version. Bad luck to all, it just doesn’t work. Nevertheless, as usual, you just need some soft mod so that the backpack can be attach.
Anyway, if you are hoping to get one of the bonus backpack, tried Walter Hobby. As much I know Toy-Wave and have already finished.
How about the Eva unit 05? That is going to be for tomorrow post! I already done some photo shoot just now in the afternoon after receiving a window glass plate from my uncle. I am still slowly building my own budget photo booth for shooting Gundam and other toys stuff. All I can say it’s an incomplete setup and require more time on the materials I need.


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