Dreams Becomes True

There has been countless time experience such events in my life and it really come true after I realize it. Everything comes from the dreams I had in from past few months and one of them actually just occur this afternoon. It was truly amaze me from time to time thinking how is it possible our brain could be able to perform such memories of the event that haven’t occur yet in our future? There are no good explanations until today. But I’m sure most probably we are more terrify having the bad dreams related to accident might actually come true. The worst of all I believe.

I’m sure most of you don’t really bother about this kind of things. That’s why you guys should check out the new TV series aired recently in the abc channel call “Flash Forward”. Kinda similar thing I mention above. But this is sci-fiction story and it’s pretty good. Recommend for everyone! Watch the promo trailer below.


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