Eva Provisional Unit 05

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Finally Eva Provisional Unit 05 (movie version) has joins Mari Illustrious Makinami! It took me a while to get it after I couldn’t get it during my pre-order in HW Japan and also missed out the theatrical version back on June. This time I simply got it from Hong Kong instead which is much easier.
What surprise me the most is an extra mini assemble Borg included inside the box. The downside is, only two articulations on the arm are movable so which is why I didn’t take any picture of the posing. The rest are just fixed and nearly trying to break it because I did not realize while figuring out why it won’t move. Although the articulation can be replaced, you just need to buy it from Revoltech or other online store in Japan which I so far able to find only at Toy-Wave.
Same as usual, a nice packing and colors design coming from Revoltech. But I still mad at getting the toy being so loosely which is worst that not the changeable articulation area. I hate to say that the quality of the product is getting bad. This is just my opinion, mind you all.
Okay, due to the incomplete photo booth setup. I only took few photos of the Eva Provisional unit 5 and of course, my camera is the Canon budget version for normal photo shooting only. So expecting unprofessional photos result from me. =P
I just realize I kept shooting from the left. ^^;;;


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