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Yeah, it just started yesterday and I was hoping for better bargain from holiday sales. Not a single one really makes me want to buy anything at all to get the free shipping. I believe there might be more coming from HLJ. But for now, skipping is a good option for me right now.

Other than looking at HLJ and Hobby Search sales, I decided to make an order from Ami Ami toy store in Japan. It’s quite a popular store in Japan, so this really has to depend on luck if I might able to get those pre-orders on December. That’s my list for Kotobukiya Kobato figure and Revoltech Full Metal Panic. No more others for now except some discounts items spotted over there. Yes, I am still holding myself NOT to buy! Argggg….damn stupid habit!!!


  1. Just buy 1 stuff from the HLJ Special Holiday Countdown Sales and u can buy others "non-sale items" and still get free shipment...

    I end up buy another GFFN Aile Strike Gundam (only 3 Gundam stuff available there) just to get the free shipping offer and at the same time I order many other stuff for Xmas presents....

    Ami Ami is also nice, I've bought a few stuff from there already... now I'm waiting for the Revoltech Yukimura Sanada and Masamune Date from Ami Ami.

    1 thing I note though, between HLJ/Hobby Search/AmiAmi... HLJ is the most economical when it comes to the shipment charges. It's the way they pack the items and that make some differences. Hobby Search/AmiAmi tend to use big box and put lots of papers as a "protection cover" for your item. But I also admit that the great discount offered by AmiAmi (25% to 35% most of the times) can offset the extra shipping charges....

  2. Hello DJ! nice loot you got there from HLJ. And yes, HLJ has the economical shipping because they did calculate the weight for the exact price. But since they already upgrade Paypal method, I wonder if there are any changes to the shipping because I did read that are now using system to automatically calculate the shipping fee. Just like the others.

  3. Hi. You read japanese to order from Ami Ami Jp?

  4. Opps! Just read your older post on Ami Ami releasing in English page now. Ignore my qns.


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