No Black Friday for Me

It’s crazy indeed for this year Black Friday sales kicking off. For me, I brought none this week and this is the first time holding myself such long without spending any of them. Well, there were a lot of things I wanted to get. Somehow, the second thought feeling just get in the way. Nah, not big deals anyway or ever felt regrets. It just that there is pre-order pending in my list this month so I am hoping to save it for next month instead. I also don’t really like to cross my monthly limits spending and you really got to feel secure with some cash in your banks in case for emergency. Getting a better job pay doesn’t mean I should spend recklessly. You need to set a rule for yourself.

Okay, Christmas is coming fast next month. Hopefully we might be expecting some sales kicking off again while we are seeing so much insane sales and promotion this year. I already pre-order a few from Ami Ami store for next month and probably expecting some additional also. One of them is Dengeki Hobby magazine February issue. Not decide yet because I was finding out if the Chinese version do includes the bonus decal, if there are I will purchase it from Hong Kong store instead. Its good i am able to read some Chinese.

Anyway, I will be going to capital tomorrow sending my mom to the airport. Probably might dropping by the Mall and check out the toy shop there.


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