Japan Crazy Sales for Toys!

There are probably that most of you who didn’t yet take notice about such events coming sooner from many online toy stores in Japan. With the upcoming Christmas celebration, there is without doubt that they are preparing some crazy sales during end of the year. But I am rather surprise that this year is always full of crazy sales and promotions compared to last year.

Recently Danny Choo announced the new opening English version of Ami Ami Hobby Shop this week. The store itself already was starting offering some nice discount up to 55% off. It does really make me want to purchase some stuffs over there. I will save it for next year as it look quite promising looking for some discount and event items over there.

Another one is Hobby Search just started the special sales today I believe. I just drop by earlier and there are many things I really love to get it. So far the most disappointed sales are under the plastic category. It doesn’t seem to have any interested items I really want at all. But I do recommend the Mecha section because it have much more items you can find over there and some of the price even lower than before. The fuck up thing is the Revoltech Eva05 movie version just hit with the almost half price after I just order one from ishop2go. That was really fucked up getting play by this promotion.

However, I decided to wait this time because Hobby Link Japan also going to do the same thing again according to what it says on the official website. 90 hours more to go! Woo Hoo!!! I wonder what sort of discount them going to throw time? I really hope they don’t just simply putting the same old shit again and again.


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