Slow Update for Past and Now

Truly was, I had to say. My time for keeping my blog update is slower now. My work is getting my way and yes, I sometimes have to work at night in town when there are incoming calls from the bastards. There are nothing can be done when the person who is in charge doesn’t want to go there instead pushing everything back to me and my colleagues. Luckily I am single, so it won’t affect much shit in my life other than less time for watching anime and movies. It really sucks when you have to work with such person in the same office.

But I won’t complain as long I get a good pay, that it. This is the second month in the new company so this is going to be quite challenging for me and everything progressing well with new friends. Just a few troubles with my colleagues for mistake me falling in love on a Malay girl. I’m sure the whole office people knew about it sooner or later. A guy like me being a single so long, of course do feel a little wanting to find a partner. But whenever I am looking at my old 89 car, I am totally fuck about it. My friends do tell me not to think too much about it. You just really need to worry about since the world we living these days is totally different compared to the past.

Ahhh…..whenever I am thinking about this shit. I rather choose to stick with being single longer until I get my own new car.

About the Malay girl I mention, she is really attractive and make me wanna to ask her out for a date. it just the feeling i had whenever I saw her. Never in my life ever being getting absorbed by this her strong aura. However, it just the problem about my negative personal life issue being an Atheist and thinking too much about the future stuff. You see, I am afraid it definitely going to insult the Muslim religious if I go convert and continue to stick the way I am. Believe me or not, nothing will change me as I never ever longer believe god exist in my whole life. Thanks to Richard Dawkins.

Anyway, most probably the first thing I have to be careful tomorrow is about my crush on this Malay girl. It seems like my Malay friend has leak out the information about me liking her, so this is definitely embarrassing for the whole office peoples to know about it. This is going to be hard for me face to face with her. Nonetheless, I have no intention asking her out for now because I still had a lot of things to worried now. Yes, new car and money!!!


  1. Don't worry too much about the girl bro. Just be a man and try to act as though nothing has happened. I believe you can be able to pull through. :)


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