Room Done But Not Air Con

When you worked so hard fixing and painting your own room. The worst thing ever happen is learning the air conditioner died after servicing. That was big fucking shit the technicians had done to it and not even checking properly even I requested it.

All I remember they say its okay and zoom off leaving hurry like someone tries to kill them. The impression they gave me are so bad not even bother to wait for 10 minutes checking the whole thing running before handling out the receipt. They have to come back three times telling me different shits about the faulty hardware and charge me again for it. Damn these motherfuckers!

It's really hard to find good air con technicians nowadays in Kuala Belait that can be trusted with their words. Only if my cousin decide to run his own business I would definitely call him because he was trained and graduate from technical college. He can instantly tells which hardware faulty when looking and hear from it.

Everything too late now and I have to wait for that company to send another experience guys to take a look again what the fuck had those previous guys done. Still, last option. Get a new one and now I am working hard earning some more from OT to paid off the service charges this few days.

Room Cleaning & Painting Operation Begin

Yesterday was supposed to work on my Gunpla as the time nearer. But rather working on that, I decided to start moving all my stuffs and furniture’s out before I start working on cleaning and painting this Thursday. It was a right decision choice starting early after realizing scraping and cleaning the wall before painting require taking so much time.

I got to say the wallpapers are the main problem in the room. If I ever got a new house, I will never applied wallpapers every wall unless it was a kids or baby rooms. Geeezz, removing just the wallpapers taking so much hassle with only a door size already wasted two hours to make sure every area properly scrap clean. This is why contractors charge so much for cleaning and painting. Well, a good experience learning this sort of thing.

Even though my original plan renovating my room coming this public holiday. By minimizing the time frame, I will slowly moving all my stuffs out of the room and doing the wall cleaning before preparing full painting. So much to do for a small rooms, blame myself having so much toys around.

Mitt the Fantasy Guy

Sorry, but if this Mitt got elected. Good bye to America~! No one want to know how faithful you are, your people just want to know how can you fix the economics and having better living life.

Netcom 17th Anniversary Sales

Well, after getting my bonus cheque last weeks. Its time to do some shopping and grab something this month. I don't want to simply spend just on toys only, also since the black Friday coming so you got to spend wisely and try saving as much as you can.

The Netcom anniversary sales comes unexpected on time this week and have been thinking getting some stuffs for my lappy. I do have to admit there is a lot of great deals offer but so far ended getting only Targus DFD backpack and A4Tech wireless mouse for B$17 each. I was hoping to replacing the aging Linksys wireless G router with Prolink product. Again, after learning Interhouse too throwing promotion on their AIO PIXMA printer, it just got me interested. I have been using paperless many years at home so it is time to get a printer to make both myself and my sister convenience in case we need to print out something last minute.

For your information, this is PIXMA MG3170 model comes with built in WIFI and free promotion gifts (PIXMA cable pouch, 24 months warranty, PIXMA USB lamp and Canon PG740 Black cartridge). I got to say Netcom made a right choice changing the gifts to something much more useful rather giving the customers KFC coupon.

TFsource Online Shop Review

While I slowly continue hunting new Transformers toys these days, there are times that I missed early pre-orders in RK due to monthly budget issue. This resulting ending up losing collecting my favorite toy from time to time or even wanted to get limited exclusive 3rd party including restock toys that only available in the west. Because of this issue, I spent sometimes survey some of the online stores from US that will meet my shopping requirements. One of the search results was TF Source, quite well known online toy store in the Transformer community as well sponsors for Transformers news site like Seibertron and TFW2005.