Priority My Ass!

Man, Telbru and HSBC really have a rival competition for being the worst customer services. After having headache with Brunei domain issue, now I have to deal with my company internet problem. I really doesn't know how can their improvement on customer supports becoming worst and worst over time.

I can feel that Telbru doesn't have any idea what is important means to the business users. I know the Consumer Fairs started on Thursday and at the same time my company experiencing huge down time on the internet speeds. Now, if you are expecting business users are told they are getting the highest priority help from the technical supports. You better don't believe a single fucker words those operators said and ongoing for third days now without seeing single cunts dropping by or response from Telbru. In case of how impatience I am and wonder how bad our internet speed was, let's take a look at the screen shots below.


Well, I ran every screen shots test in the morning and afternoon to monitor the speed testing directly getting the similar results these past few days. I was fucking annoyed by the users and scolded so badly because my managements can't send a proper emails to its clients. I call 121 morning and afternoon continuous for three days yet without any response from their on site technical support. Is this what you call priority service, Telbru?

Seriously, I wish someone could sue this son of bitches ISP for fucking up people business using their ridiculous internet service and a law forcing Telbru refund its customers money policy when their internet are bunch of craps which did not even meet the speed they promise to provide.

iShop2Go Reveal GK Gundam as Sister Site


I won't be updating my review for the iShop2Go and planning to do review for GK Gundam because they are basically run by same owners or person. All the Gunpla pricing should remain the same including the shipping even they move all their existing products there.

To be honest, I am really disappointed about them as a customer. Not only they didn't inform us they could get limited Gunpla from P-Bandai and selling resin kits. Instead, they kept quiet and create more complicated ways, such as making it's existing customers to open another account and had to purchase some products that were not found at iShop2go separately at the sister site secretly for years. What worst that its existing customers are paying more on unreasonable extra shipping cost separately.

Yes, I knew about the sister site from last year when I first visit after someone told where to get the P-Bandai Gunpla. It's easy to find out about it because the price and promotion gave it away the hints also the top ten product review video posted at the site. I do feel bad not mentioning in my blog but speculating without proof might get me into trouble. So I rather wait and see. Since the owner personally went public announced at their front page, I still felt they gave a bad impressions hiding the sister site identity.

There is no doubt that so far they are the only Gunpla shop I know that still offering a good price for Chinese Hobby magazines with limited kits online from Hong Kong. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be careful and do more survey on the pricing because there are now many products that sold more expensive for some reason.

The Headache using Brunei Domain for Email

Bashing my own country domain name isn’t something I really like to blog about. But after the problem started two or three years ago facing undeliverable and experiencing lost mails to our clients. I would encourage not to register dot COM dot BN domain as your primary email for business communication even they are considering the cheapest hosting in Brunei.

I myself really had enough hard time dealing with my own company users having issue with the email from time to time. It's so frustrating seeing these complain happening every month. Calling for Telbru to report the problem doesn't solve much and the worst solution I received was asking to applied for 3rd party SMTP service rather using their existing I'm sorry but why bother to do email hosting in the first place? Most importantly, they can't accuse me telling lie because I still kept the past conversation between the technical guys today for safety evidence.

Of course, there are responsibilities on our side to make sure we didn't block our clients using spam & virus firewall. That was hardly happened because I was assigned to setting up a new company with only a small number users who also experience exact email issue without using any spam and virus firewall. Not to mention we tested with different espeed IP and domain names in different site office location also having the same problem. So what exactly went wrong?

I asked a few network experts on this issue and got the same answer. We have to look back at our ISP hosting setup. While I am no way claim to be expert on understanding everything. According to them, either they configure wrongly with the firewall setting filtering sensitive words (security reason) or randomly went into their junk mails or the routing locations may have cause disappearing for both incoming and outgoing messages no matter the company domain name is clean while using

This explain a lot and I do have to agree on that. If such cases happen quite a lot every month. The final recommendation is switch entirely to other hosting services. I know a few local company do indeed already head for global dot com. I know people do feel the local companies don't support Brunei domain. You got to think, email communications not reaching both side effect business. Who wants that? And eSpeed are still crappy in industrial area that never solve today! What makes you think they should continue to trust the local ISP?