Priority My Ass!

Man, Telbru and HSBC really have a rival competition for being the worst customer services. After having headache with Brunei domain issue, now I have to deal with my company internet problem. I really doesn't know how can their improvement on customer supports becoming worst and worst over time.

I can feel that Telbru doesn't have any idea what is important means to the business users. I know the Consumer Fairs started on Thursday and at the same time my company experiencing huge down time on the internet speeds. Now, if you are expecting business users are told they are getting the highest priority help from the technical supports. You better don't believe a single fucker words those operators said and ongoing for third days now without seeing single cunts dropping by or response from Telbru. In case of how impatience I am and wonder how bad our internet speed was, let's take a look at the screen shots below.


Well, I ran every screen shots test in the morning and afternoon to monitor the speed testing directly getting the similar results these past few days. I was fucking annoyed by the users and scolded so badly because my managements can't send a proper emails to its clients. I call 121 morning and afternoon continuous for three days yet without any response from their on site technical support. Is this what you call priority service, Telbru?

Seriously, I wish someone could sue this son of bitches ISP for fucking up people business using their ridiculous internet service and a law forcing Telbru refund its customers money policy when their internet are bunch of craps which did not even meet the speed they promise to provide.


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