GNX III Reboot

Hehe...well, I just finished up Ahead Shogun and proceed with the next kit. I did originally planning to work on Gundam OO, somehow everything ended up working GNX III kit after finding way to fix the broken parts.

If you ever sees my EA CON GNX Gladius build. I did ended up destroying 10% of the parts taken from the brand new GNX III box. The left over 90% going to be a long waste if I don't do something. Yeah, I did spend quite a lot of time sitting there thinking and play around left over parts in the box while letting Ahead Shogun sun bathing. Happily, I hit the right part and everything turns out good.

This is just an early build because the theme is about creating variant ESF special GNX-III MS. I decided continuing messed around more finding out more possible way adding into the ideas.

Room Remake: The Planning

Surveying is of course the best move before starting. Even I have to make sure setting a right budget since I am going for DIY. My room isn't that big and also not my own house too. So I'm not planning to spend any unnecessary things except the furniture’s. But I do plans on getting rid the air conditioner and install ceiling fan instead.

Problem Facing

The current lasted almost more than 10 years and now water dripping problem. Not sure if its water blocks. Next month I will need to call up the technician to check and washed. If it's going to break down sooner, I see no point continuing repairing. This is what the ceiling fan comes to play which hopefully able to make my room cool. With the electricity fee increasing, probably a good move going for it.


After watching the World Greenest Homes and learned about low VOC paint that have low risk effect on human health. I decide went to one of the local hardware shops looking for one. It's good to know they actually selling it, the Nippon Paint Odour-less Premium all-in-1 interior wall paint. It cost around less then $70 and my guess is enough for the room.

Brush and tools

What I need are paint brushes, paint rollers, scrapers and cement putty to do some fixing on the wall. However, I am still considering if I should getting the cordless drill tool. It doesn't come cheap and question myself do I really need it after finishing remake my rooms?


I did went to the Star Home scouting for IKEA furniture's. The primary target is the computer table and I already found one. The MICKE desk that cost $160 if I'm not mistaken. That table looks great and I really love it. It is surely a good replacement reducing the space in my room.

Other current consideration if it's a good idea putting wall shelf’s in my room. I already told myself not to make any unnecessary drilling and damaging the room. But I just realize what I can do is making use of the old computer table and do some modifications.

Lego 4430 Fire Transporter TRU Exclusive 2012

You just can't let this TRU Hari Raya BND$69.90 promotion eyes off when the original price is BND$99.90. So its $30.00 off for City 2012 TRU exclusive set! It sure took me long consideration back there. Heck, I never thought about getting this when I original aim are the creator beach house or new release Helicopter Rescue since I have collected some minifigures to make it more fun. Also a $10 off voucher I got two months ago. Well next time and hopefully TRU slash off the new City set again!

Now, the Fire Transporter comes with three minifigures, two vehicles and mobile command base trailer. When hook up together, the whole length measure 49cm long. Assembling didn't take long which I believe only less than 30 min. Playability as well not much I have to admit and the box do misleading showing the minifigure can sit on the mobile command base bench with its fire helmet on inside. But it just seem to not happening because it hit the top unless I swap it into cap. LOL!

Heading Greenest Technology?

The World's Greenest Homes show by discovery channel really making me so tempting to build solar stuffs and remake my whole room. Damn the people behind this architecture are really amazing! The ideas of using recycles are also inspires me a lot thinking twice spending unnecessary money buying furniture in the futures too.

It just too bad no markets in Brunei really have many options offering solar technologies or producing recycles stuffs that can helps this country reducing unnecessary wastes. Even we are not sure if any architects are any expertise offering advice possible building green housing. I am sure the Governments are supporting and encourages us using reuse materials. it just that sometimes we do have to make sure those aren't belong to someone even to the Governments property so it's quite tricky if you can simply use it.

Anyhow, I do plan to make over and repair my room as a start. Everything are going to be DIY including some idea challenge reusing the old furniture transforming them into newer looks. I don't really have any designing backgrounds whatsoever. First thing first, I need to look around and doing some survey looking for materials and see any recycles stuffs might pops up in front of me. Although this might takes months to complete but well, fun is what you need in life and seeing how much I can squeezes without spending too many money.

Resident Evil Damnation

I just finished watching the Starship Troopers Invasion animation. I got to say it’s not bad but I am surprise Sony Pictures is releasing Resident Evil Damnation animation coming October! This is wicked!

In Da Dota 2 World

My blog might seem to be dead without any update. It just that the Dota 2 game really keep me company every 2 hours a day and five to six during weekend. I got to say getting addicted doesn't look good for me. Not really that over my head shutting self playing game only. I do went to execise every three to four times a week after work and not to mention adjusting drinking lemon water almost every day.

As for the Gunpla, yes I am still continue to working on. The latest one currently readying for painting this week which should be completed during Hari Raya holiday. There are two previous already completed as well but it just that I'm too lazy to snap photos and clean up the photo booth table. I'm working on it, just the matter of when only.