GNX III Reboot

Hehe...well, I just finished up Ahead Shogun and proceed with the next kit. I did originally planning to work on Gundam OO, somehow everything ended up working GNX III kit after finding way to fix the broken parts.

If you ever sees my EA CON GNX Gladius build. I did ended up destroying 10% of the parts taken from the brand new GNX III box. The left over 90% going to be a long waste if I don't do something. Yeah, I did spend quite a lot of time sitting there thinking and play around left over parts in the box while letting Ahead Shogun sun bathing. Happily, I hit the right part and everything turns out good.

This is just an early build because the theme is about creating variant ESF special GNX-III MS. I decided continuing messed around more finding out more possible way adding into the ideas.


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