Heading Greenest Technology?

The World's Greenest Homes show by discovery channel really making me so tempting to build solar stuffs and remake my whole room. Damn the people behind this architecture are really amazing! The ideas of using recycles are also inspires me a lot thinking twice spending unnecessary money buying furniture in the futures too.

It just too bad no markets in Brunei really have many options offering solar technologies or producing recycles stuffs that can helps this country reducing unnecessary wastes. Even we are not sure if any architects are any expertise offering advice possible building green housing. I am sure the Governments are supporting and encourages us using reuse materials. it just that sometimes we do have to make sure those aren't belong to someone even to the Governments property so it's quite tricky if you can simply use it.

Anyhow, I do plan to make over and repair my room as a start. Everything are going to be DIY including some idea challenge reusing the old furniture transforming them into newer looks. I don't really have any designing backgrounds whatsoever. First thing first, I need to look around and doing some survey looking for materials and see any recycles stuffs might pops up in front of me. Although this might takes months to complete but well, fun is what you need in life and seeing how much I can squeezes without spending too many money.


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