March 2012

I was supposed to stop BUYING Gunpla! Well, after joining the contest and received 10% discount for purchasing any toys at I just go ahead and spend it on Gunpla kits instead.

Miserable Life for PR in Brunei

Yes, we are getting more miserable whenever there is LegCo taking place every year. Hearing the same things and repeating bullshit they going to take action. However, this time it does affect much more especially to the Permanent Resident living in Brunei. No one is expecting the cunts decided to target the land owners by changing new policies of the PA land that no longer forever and automatically convert to 60 years lease.

Although I don’t have any single land and fine buying 60 years lease housing if I got the cash. I feel really bad to those who work so hard and sacrifice for a land to make sure their future generation can continue living in Brunei. This new move totally changes everything. Well, 60 years consider a long way to worry. But we have to begin questioning ourselves what next for future generation PR.

The best option so far is for those to restart thinking going for examination to secure the new land, national housing or tried your luck applying for TOL land. If this option still doesn’t work out your problem, your last choice is quietly migrating to other countries. Otherwise just continue living and earn money hard for safe backup. No one knows what next the cunts might do again.

I already decided not to take the Brunei citizenship examination. No point on explaining why, it just pointless complains after the cunts wasted my entire 30 years’ time here. I rather saved the rest enjoying the best of my last life and traveling by exploring the world. Worrying too much won’t solve anything.

Credit Card Hack Again by UK Fuckers

Geezzz! I wonder how it happened when I use Paypal most of the time. Luckily it was block by HSBC and waiting for new card to send over again. I was told that the charges were made in UK for 300+ pounds. Not a good sign though as this exchange might over B$700.00+.

How did it happen? I think probably got to do with Transformers Club store and remember reading their credit card system got fuck. But mine transaction didn’t get through when I tried to purchase exclusive toys in the US. Although I don’t have any evidence accuses them since I did use credit card on both website at and too. However, they are based in Hong Kong so that is unlikely.

There may be other possibly that HSBC got hack too or even Window 7 security hole. Nonetheless, to prevent the worst, I immediately change most of my payment password for more security. Seems like I better off using Paypal for future payment so that I can easily track the charges.

Berserk ‘Egg of the King’ Movie One

Gosh! I really wanted to watch this movie and the songs are really great. There is a 10 min movie preview uploaded to Youtube. If you don’t like spoiler, don’t watch it! Anyway, I embedded the ending song because it was good.

HLJ Online Order February 2012

Two Hobby magazines, first Robot Damashii ARX-07 and some restock tools purchase from HLJ. Last month was the best exchange rate I ever get a long time. 62 versus 1 do save some money and hope it will continue raise throughout the year.

Hobby Japan April 2012 Issue contains Limited HG 1/144 Grand Slam Sword and custom upgrade kits for Gundam Seed. I didn’t plan to purchase extra because I am now careful with my budget spending limit. If the Chinese version comes with it next month, I will get one more but not three.

As for Dengeki Hobby April 2012, it come with a plastic part separator. Finally my first purchase of Robot Damashii ARX-7 with Lamba Driver version. It sure took long consideration getting one. After playing around with it, definitely worth much more than getting Revoltech version.

The extra order is mostly restock black fine marker and Kotobukiya option kits parts.

Nix Providence Gundam 2nd - Work Log

How should I begin? Hmm…okay, this is my first New Year 2012 project! Since the start of Gundam Seed HD anime too, I decided to start working on Seed VS Astray kit. Having idea modifying and upgrading the 1/100 are hard when it comes to the size. Not only time consuming, more effort and takes more resources for painting. I already stop buying any 1/100 and choose 1/144 in the future as they are the best and building ideas.

Plastic Bottle War Fight After 1st Goal

Tiger Lim manage to record someone from upstairs stadium throwing bottle and hit at the local supporters down stair according to him. I do not know how to express this video. It was a full proof that someone from the local supporters causing break out bottle fight. Brunei win, but yet again the country image has been tainted.

Thank you to those started this silly stunt there!

Update:  Now after reading some of the tweet, local claims it was Indon who started the mess. So, who the fuck are those wearing yellow t-shirts throwing at both locals and Indonesian in the beginning?

Disrespectful Locals Supporters Tainted The Country Image

I didn’t expect this news broke out so bad when few locals blog the story of how disappointment experience at the football match with Myanmar last few days ago. A lot of local’s supports apparently show very disrespectful towards other national anthem, also causing hurting to the Burmese girl and so on. Wow, how nice of you people showing the world how ugly Brunei going to be like.

It is not wrong to boo during the match. But throwing rubbish and making fun on foreign supporters are over disgusting to do. The policeman as well doing bad jobs not catching the culprit who hurt someone, of course same goes for the witnesses protecting the garbage.

If you think I am making up the story. Check out the local blog posts here and here including insert this hash tag #HBT2012 in your twitter for more information. Tonight is the last game so I hope someone going to address and warn the supporters to be respectful to each others!

“Victory has no meaning if country’s image is tainted” – from tweet by @AbdulRahmanHB

Fansproject TFX-01B Shadow Commander 2nd Edition

If I am not mistake about the information! As much I know this is the second batch released on January this year. Yeah, I did spent quite a bit on this City Commander armor upgrade which results damaging me at least US$50 more compared to three years ago. Still better than spending at eBay with either ridiculous price or even get dupe by copy version from the sellers.

To be honest, I did however thinking about getting the KO version from KO Toys site as I find my Nemesis Prime looks boring in the display. Luckily because the store gets taken down by Hasbro, things weren’t goes as plan. Nonetheless, the original third party is always the best and loving it right now. Not sure if I am planning to get the red TFX-01 at RK, hopefully I might hit a jackpot then I will reconsider once again.

You can currently buy this at TF–Source for US$129.95 in case you wonder. Beware! The longer you hold and wait, the more the price will rise every few months!

Nix Providence Gundam 2nd Issue

After the down fall of the home base asteroid, the damage Nix Providence was retrieve by the organization and transport to another asteroid base for repair. With careful studies taken from the combat data, the Librarian Works engineers decided to gives Nix Providence further improvement and upgrades with "Yata no Kagami" technology all Dragoon pods and system helps to prevent getting shot down by coordinators ace pilots using beam weaponry.

Combat Characteristics

Even though Nix Providence spotted more bulky and heavier due to extra weaponry installed. The performance has not affected, thanks to extra Dragoon system mounted on both side. It has twice more firing power and survivability by allowing Dragoon System mounting as backpack in case any one of the Dragon system and striker pack were destroy during combat.

The Dragoon striker pack as well getting upgrade featuring eight small Dragoon pods and double composite armed shield system. Although basically same weapon that move from left shoulder and eventually increase the weight of striker pack. With the addition thrusters, mobility performance continues balance.

Lego Exo-Force 8108 Buy!

I couldn’t resist getting it when the price slashes down to B$129.90 at Nanyang local shop in KB yesterday. I almost went to Hua Ho Manggis there to buy when their price is around that. So I did save a lot driving all the way up there. This is really a good saving and won’t be able to get such a price even at online nowadays.

I haven’t decided to assemble yet but going to keep it until I really bored or any free hours. Even after I got it assemble, I still destroying it and build with my own ideas and imagination. I am slowly hunting for more Lego Exo-Force (if I could still find the rest) and Alien Conquest in Brunei. Needed to drive around and search for more. Toy-R-Us doesn’t bring much Alien Conquest into their store. Mostly Star Wars and I hated them the most.