Disrespectful Locals Supporters Tainted The Country Image

I didn’t expect this news broke out so bad when few locals blog the story of how disappointment experience at the football match with Myanmar last few days ago. A lot of local’s supports apparently show very disrespectful towards other national anthem, also causing hurting to the Burmese girl and so on. Wow, how nice of you people showing the world how ugly Brunei going to be like.

It is not wrong to boo during the match. But throwing rubbish and making fun on foreign supporters are over disgusting to do. The policeman as well doing bad jobs not catching the culprit who hurt someone, of course same goes for the witnesses protecting the garbage.

If you think I am making up the story. Check out the local blog posts here and here including insert this hash tag #HBT2012 in your twitter for more information. Tonight is the last game so I hope someone going to address and warn the supporters to be respectful to each others!

“Victory has no meaning if country’s image is tainted” – from tweet by @AbdulRahmanHB


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