Nix Providence Gundam 2nd - Work Log

How should I begin? Hmm…okay, this is my first New Year 2012 project! Since the start of Gundam Seed HD anime too, I decided to start working on Seed VS Astray kit. Having idea modifying and upgrading the 1/100 are hard when it comes to the size. Not only time consuming, more effort and takes more resources for painting. I already stop buying any 1/100 and choose 1/144 in the future as they are the best and building ideas.

Starting with Nix Providence Gundam is the best choice for me when getting two from HLJ promotion cheap giving me an idea how I going to build. Having completing articulated joints in the shoulder is the first task I need to modify as the original only fixed joint. The Hobby Base roll swing joint large comes to play solving the problem. I was wrong and surprise the custom joint didn’t fit into the soft rubber parts.

If that is the case, than all HG 1/100 Gundam Seed and Destiny Gunpla have the same issue, after all every each of them using the same runners. Of course there is always way to solve, you just need to burn some of your energy in the brain and starts thinking.

What I did here is reusing the original joint parts cut from the shoulder then fit together with roll swing joint. I also drill a 0.8mm holes in the middle fitting with steel rod to strengthen the joints before applying adhesive. Not quite good hand works, but this is the idea I can think of.

Now, the second task is fixing the other roll swing joint into the body. This one surely needed a lot of hard works on cutting and applying the putty inside correctly into roomy empty body. I use the Tamiya version and require at least few days to harden. The putty is an old stock and rarely uses so better making sure leaving longer time.

After solving the hard part, I began adding some Kotobukiya armor parts around the body for extra details including the waist. Not much on the thrusters, only beneath the shoulder after doing some cutting looking empty. The rest maintain as much original and start sanding process once completing.

The extra leg part from Seed VS Astray also gives me some worry. The reason I putting a pla plate to support the weight pressing down and prevent breaking. Earlier when I insert the part, it was damn empty inside and found easily can be broken if not careful handle.

Working on HG 1/100 sure took me a lot of effort on sanding. It’s not details and comes with much separate parts like Gundam OO. Not to mention due to the idea upgrading and improving Nix Providence Gundam, it took longer making sure the parts are all ready for painting especially extra Dragoon bits.

I didn’t use primer before applying any colors. It was already running empty when last using on hands and leg armor cover. This is only a fun build for Seed VS Astray projects. Although it is good idea having the whole kits sprays with primer, these will definitely gives the color more realistic. Hopefully I can find cheaper and good 3rd party spray in the market.


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