Miserable Life for PR in Brunei

Yes, we are getting more miserable whenever there is LegCo taking place every year. Hearing the same things and repeating bullshit they going to take action. However, this time it does affect much more especially to the Permanent Resident living in Brunei. No one is expecting the cunts decided to target the land owners by changing new policies of the PA land that no longer forever and automatically convert to 60 years lease.

Although I don’t have any single land and fine buying 60 years lease housing if I got the cash. I feel really bad to those who work so hard and sacrifice for a land to make sure their future generation can continue living in Brunei. This new move totally changes everything. Well, 60 years consider a long way to worry. But we have to begin questioning ourselves what next for future generation PR.

The best option so far is for those to restart thinking going for examination to secure the new land, national housing or tried your luck applying for TOL land. If this option still doesn’t work out your problem, your last choice is quietly migrating to other countries. Otherwise just continue living and earn money hard for safe backup. No one knows what next the cunts might do again.

I already decided not to take the Brunei citizenship examination. No point on explaining why, it just pointless complains after the cunts wasted my entire 30 years’ time here. I rather saved the rest enjoying the best of my last life and traveling by exploring the world. Worrying too much won’t solve anything.


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