Credit Card Hack Again by UK Fuckers

Geezzz! I wonder how it happened when I use Paypal most of the time. Luckily it was block by HSBC and waiting for new card to send over again. I was told that the charges were made in UK for 300+ pounds. Not a good sign though as this exchange might over B$700.00+.

How did it happen? I think probably got to do with Transformers Club store and remember reading their credit card system got fuck. But mine transaction didn’t get through when I tried to purchase exclusive toys in the US. Although I don’t have any evidence accuses them since I did use credit card on both website at and too. However, they are based in Hong Kong so that is unlikely.

There may be other possibly that HSBC got hack too or even Window 7 security hole. Nonetheless, to prevent the worst, I immediately change most of my payment password for more security. Seems like I better off using Paypal for future payment so that I can easily track the charges.


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