Fansproject TFX-01B Shadow Commander 2nd Edition

If I am not mistake about the information! As much I know this is the second batch released on January this year. Yeah, I did spent quite a bit on this City Commander armor upgrade which results damaging me at least US$50 more compared to three years ago. Still better than spending at eBay with either ridiculous price or even get dupe by copy version from the sellers.

To be honest, I did however thinking about getting the KO version from KO Toys site as I find my Nemesis Prime looks boring in the display. Luckily because the store gets taken down by Hasbro, things weren’t goes as plan. Nonetheless, the original third party is always the best and loving it right now. Not sure if I am planning to get the red TFX-01 at RK, hopefully I might hit a jackpot then I will reconsider once again.

You can currently buy this at TF–Source for US$129.95 in case you wonder. Beware! The longer you hold and wait, the more the price will rise every few months!


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