Lego Exo-Force 8108 Buy!

I couldn’t resist getting it when the price slashes down to B$129.90 at Nanyang local shop in KB yesterday. I almost went to Hua Ho Manggis there to buy when their price is around that. So I did save a lot driving all the way up there. This is really a good saving and won’t be able to get such a price even at online nowadays.

I haven’t decided to assemble yet but going to keep it until I really bored or any free hours. Even after I got it assemble, I still destroying it and build with my own ideas and imagination. I am slowly hunting for more Lego Exo-Force (if I could still find the rest) and Alien Conquest in Brunei. Needed to drive around and search for more. Toy-R-Us doesn’t bring much Alien Conquest into their store. Mostly Star Wars and I hated them the most.


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