Terrible Decision In The End

I am really having a tough time lately. Suddenly the shits just landed in your office for no warning which I later know what's going on. But people don't give shits about your priority situations and turning blind on the instructions just complaining non-stop can't do this and that. Well, I don't give a shit either.

Now, the terrible decision I am fucking pissed and unhappy about is keeping the fail freshman as permanent. My previous complains post way back in May this year was planning to extend his probation three more months because of unsatisfied performance. However, during his training I discover he lies about work experience and learns nothing from previous company. This is surely big problem for us as well to the company. I reported and made wise suggestions to the management extending the training to ensure his is ready. But all was in vain, turning deaf and decided to give him permanent.

I feel very outrages about this issue while seeing him continues perform so poorly. Not only that, I have to clean up his messed almost every day because he couldn't even do a simple troubleshooting properly, worse, forgetful and keeping quiet not able to solved the problem. This is really big backslash for me and to the company. I don't know if my management are trying to put more stress on me simply granted permanent job to someone that troublesome are beyond my understanding anymore.

If the management doesn't want to listen to employees opinions and suggestions than there isn't any point continue to work with them. I told myself this place will be going to be okay but was totally wrong. It's really the time for me to start looking for another better jobs and company that can built my future learning.

Irresponsible Always Survive

Fuck these people, really to hell with these suckers. Once you see it with you own eyes, probably thinking the best course is give a big hard punch into the face. I can't believe people just nowadays can be so ignorance not listening your opinions and worst not giving solutions rather doing 'Tai Chi' in front of you. How can you expect people find solutions them self when you are supposed to be the one giving advise and provide solutions?

I don't know whether I am working with jokers expecting us perform miracles. If we really could do that, anyone can start their own Facebook company and success. All I know no matter what, irresponsible always survive and responsible person gets into trouble. That's the common law in real life and disgusting. Shitty people behaviors can change once reaching the high position not to understand what people trying to suggest. They are always right and good talking rubbish theory.

I'm no longer in the mood wasting time talking through them to understand. Being responsible shooting myself even deeper than ever and people never understand.

Never Again Give Out Anything

Sometimes being too good is bad for yourself. People are becoming greedy and slowly asking so much should get slap in the face. After giving out my PC to my cousins because thinking they hardly can afford one for their children so that the family can learn and use it for their school project or work. I was wrong, instead getting complains the PC are too slow not using Window Vista/7 and complains using outdated software’s (MS Office 2010).

I don't give a shit their children mumbling over the stuffs. But the mother, she pissed me off so bad and telling shit that got nothing to do with the educations. When the son whispering over that the school need this and that, she hopes I would provide and upgrade everything for free. I thought our relatives in China are shitty greedy, seems like there isn't any different in Brunei.

Whatever what the school says, I don't buy a single shit requesting the parents spending unnecessary money on the computers. My generosity already provide a PC for their children so that they can learn without lacking behind the technology. Even the PC was outdated machine, it still can continue to perform well in many areas. No matter what, I am taking it back and use for software testing since their eldest son already 18 years. He can work and buy a new one for their family.

More Lego Alien Conquest and City

Seriously, I can’t get enough on Alien Conquest. Last month, I went ahead grabbing the Alien Mothership for $129.90 (including 5% off) at KB toy shop. Despite getting low rating product and review, honest it’s not that bad. Overall its quite fun to build and the Alien commander is nice leading his armies.

I also grab four mini figures Alien Conquest Battle Pack from eBay together with two Lego road plate sets. Man, it is hard to find these road plates in Brunei in Nanyang KB, Hua Ho and TRU for many months now. So far only the green and gray plates randomly available and sold out quickly. The current sets I got made are 2005 version so I do kinda wonder why Lego road plates never updated or re-release for City series until now.

While I continue very slowly building City family, I got this year Car and Caravan at TRU store. Since they were running school holiday promotion, freeing BND$10.00 coupon for purchasing over $50.00 was not a bad deal when you can use until next month. The additional were four mini figure series 7 and damn I didn’t get a single Galaxy Patrol. Well, at least Evil Knight falls into my hand for now.

Crimson Rain

Nah, I'm not really good listening rock music. But today I am sharing Crimson Rain because my former classmate (known as Pras K) who love singing achieves his dream forming rock band and now performing in Malaysia. His group also released a brand new single, “Catastrophe” which you can visit their FB page listen for free (or Youtube above). Good news if you are living in Malaysia, they have been invited by Aloud Asia performing in Rockafellas Petaling Jaya. So if you live there, check them out!

Crimson Rain is an Alternative Rock bands from Auckland, New Zealand.

Initially starting of with pieces of riffs, ideas and determination, Crimson Rain has set most listeners alight with their ferocious/ambient sound, magnetic head-banging riffs, catchy rhythmic beats , and elegant beautiful solos. Their recent singles, The Mask Within and Why are proof of their sound and direction.

Having started in May 2010, Pras K and long time friend Avi Pranish decided to collaborate and embark on another musical journey having played in different bands over the years. The vision is to write hard rocking songs that everyone can relate to while musically pushing boundaries to create the sound that Crimson Rain has become renowned for. Crimson Rain is produced by wizard, Zorran Mendonsa. Zorran also contributes Bass, Programming and Backing Vocals on the tracks.