Terrible Decision In The End

I am really having a tough time lately. Suddenly the shits just landed in your office for no warning which I later know what's going on. But people don't give shits about your priority situations and turning blind on the instructions just complaining non-stop can't do this and that. Well, I don't give a shit either.

Now, the terrible decision I am fucking pissed and unhappy about is keeping the fail freshman as permanent. My previous complains post way back in May this year was planning to extend his probation three more months because of unsatisfied performance. However, during his training I discover he lies about work experience and learns nothing from previous company. This is surely big problem for us as well to the company. I reported and made wise suggestions to the management extending the training to ensure his is ready. But all was in vain, turning deaf and decided to give him permanent.

I feel very outrages about this issue while seeing him continues perform so poorly. Not only that, I have to clean up his messed almost every day because he couldn't even do a simple troubleshooting properly, worse, forgetful and keeping quiet not able to solved the problem. This is really big backslash for me and to the company. I don't know if my management are trying to put more stress on me simply granted permanent job to someone that troublesome are beyond my understanding anymore.

If the management doesn't want to listen to employees opinions and suggestions than there isn't any point continue to work with them. I told myself this place will be going to be okay but was totally wrong. It's really the time for me to start looking for another better jobs and company that can built my future learning.


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