Never Again Give Out Anything

Sometimes being too good is bad for yourself. People are becoming greedy and slowly asking so much should get slap in the face. After giving out my PC to my cousins because thinking they hardly can afford one for their children so that the family can learn and use it for their school project or work. I was wrong, instead getting complains the PC are too slow not using Window Vista/7 and complains using outdated software’s (MS Office 2010).

I don't give a shit their children mumbling over the stuffs. But the mother, she pissed me off so bad and telling shit that got nothing to do with the educations. When the son whispering over that the school need this and that, she hopes I would provide and upgrade everything for free. I thought our relatives in China are shitty greedy, seems like there isn't any different in Brunei.

Whatever what the school says, I don't buy a single shit requesting the parents spending unnecessary money on the computers. My generosity already provide a PC for their children so that they can learn without lacking behind the technology. Even the PC was outdated machine, it still can continue to perform well in many areas. No matter what, I am taking it back and use for software testing since their eldest son already 18 years. He can work and buy a new one for their family.


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