My PC is Getting Worst

Ha! Damn PC is dying and getting worst day by day. Still can't start assemble a new PC yet due to my next car insurance is coming very close next month and I already spend on my new insurance I just switch lately. I have to saved as much as I can for another month. I just hope my stupid CRT monitor still can hold until end of this year until I get a new one.


Anyway, same as always and busy working until late seven. I starting to feel very lazy on my current work now and I have to think of something to overturn that behaviours. Argg...For now, back to Gintama. Love these comedy anime.

Acer Gaming PC Available For Order


Yes, the new Acer gaming system is now available for order at any Acer distributors in Brunei. You can look for the flyers at any shop or if you are lazy, read here.


Currently the price and available model, known as Acer Aspire G7700-494X which will cost you BND$3,368.00! Not to mention the ACER G24" WLCD Monitor (1920x1200 Resolution - Full HD with 2ms Response) is NOT included with the PC and will cost roughly BND$738.00!


I'm not really sure if it actually worth buying. But looking at the spec (check below), I feel like you can get better power for that and probably lower price for that kind of setup. Intel has already make an announcement a price cut lately for Q9450 which is same goes for NVIDIA 9800 GTX and release GTX plus version at slightly higher price. The paper also didn't mention clearly if the system contain two graphic card or not. My guess is one.


The flyer also did not state what kind of brand is the sound card and HDD actually installed in the PC. If my guess is right, it may be Creative X-Fi rubbish sound card and the HDD is from Western Digital. Why I say Creative rubbish? Their drivers simply very bad and huge numbers of complained from around the world.


Anyway, if you had the money and can't decide what kind of gaming system you want to buy. Acer Aspire might gives you an idea.


Here's the current specification shown in the paper below:

  • One Year Local Limited Warranty
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9450
  • Genuine Window Vista Home Premium
  • NVIDIA nForce 780i SLi Chipset
  • Liquid Cooling Design
  • 4GB DDR2 1066 MHz Memory
  • 2x 320GB HDD (Configured in Raid 0 (Easy Swap)
  • Nvidia 9800GTX 512MB DDRIII
  • Blu-Ray Combo Drive
  • 7.1 Hi-Def Channel Audio with Dolby Home Theater
  • 40-in-1 Card Reader
  • Logitech Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
  • Promotion: Free Sonic Gear 5.1 Enzo 4000 Speaker worth RM199

Upcoming Good & Bad Movies on Aug

Another scary movie like is back called Disaster Movie. After watching the trailer, I am disappointed and wondering if these scary movies title is going down soon? Fear not, there are still bunch of great movies out there haven't release yet. However, you might want to check out some of them below I found its a great watch. Good news are Vin Diesal and Meg Ryan is BACK!


Bangkok Dangerous


The Accidental Husband 2008


Babylon A.D 2008


 My Mom's New Boyfriend 2008


The Women

RGM-79 GM Defense Ground MS

Finally finished it today, I fuck up with the arm on the right and it’s broken. I tried to glue it and still don’t look good. I can’t do any posed now and I feel sad about it. Some advice doing assemble and mixed GM Powered with any Blue Destiny unit. Both their arms can’t be snap together as well their leg. It seems like you really need to mod it if you really want to mix the parts.

Anyway, this is my second Gundam model I built for HGUC line and I called it RGM-79 GM Defense. It’s a ground MS and also part of my story in UC0079 which also involved in Kangaroo Project Teams who develop RX-79 Powered BD.

No pose this time I hate to say. I’m currently waiting my order ready for KOTOBUKIYA modelling weapons kit from HLJ. It’s cheap and nice weapons set supporting my future work. Good news also to all Gundam modeller out there. KOTOBUKIYA has already opened English official website for worldwide. You guys can check it out!

Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

Blog Action Day is back! I almost had forgotten them, luckily its mail drop in today and decided to hop in global discussion which I done the topic “The Environment“ last year. Well, not a very good one. I decided to write better for this year.


I hope any of you who own a blogs, podcasters or videocasters will join Blog Action Day 2008 to discuss current global issue like poverty on 15th October 2008. For more information, please visit the official website for sign up and learn more about Blog Action Day 2008.



Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

Global issues like poverty are extremely complex. There is no simple, clear answer. By asking thousands of different people to give their viewpoints and opinions, Blog Action Day creates an extraordinary lens through which to view these issues. Each blogger brings their own perspective and ideas. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.

Big Foot Photo Leak and Fox News Interview Today!

Fuck! I’m not interested on the Olympic anymore. This is truly going to be freaking news if it turns out to be real. One of the photos has now leak into the internet @ Cryptozoology. Currently the body of the Big Foot is on the freezer and waiting for the DNA test result to be present this Friday, 15th August 2008, together with the photos.

With offers of millions of dollars, just for the photographs of the body, Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo was given one copy of the first image to share with you, our readers.

The body doesn’t look exactly like people thought it would, because the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot has been the model in our minds. However, this looks as if it is an actual apelike primate. Indeed, the gorilla-like facial features, the robust lack of canines, and the grinding surfaces shown in the teeth suggest a bulky vegetarian with a mixture of higher primate characteristics.
Tom Biscardi will appear on Fox News at 7:45 AM Pacific, 10:45 AM Eastern, on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, discussing the carcass, with the image above and probably additional photographs.
Alright, let see if the Big Foot is a real thing after the Fox News air at US.

Brunei Missed the Beijing Olympic

This is truly a missed in a life time for Brunei not in the opening. Well, of course, I didn’t even bother to watch because I don’t even have any Astro instead I have to download the HD version from the internet.


I didn’t even know it happen when I read BB about the ‘Blame Game’. But the rumors I heard it even announced on live TV that is Brunei excluded from the Olympic opening on last Friday. This truly sparks the whole nation and left without good explanations from the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BDNOC) and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports itself.


What do I think? Funny and stupid, of course, I know everyone is totally pissed. Let me explained why I decided to includes these two words I mention above.


Why Funny?

Nobody knows shit that our nation has been excluded from the Olympic from the beginning, that’s why. The statements are simply just nonsense and making me wondering out of all hundred thousand of people living in Brunei only have two athletes qualify for the Olympic? This is some kind of jokes? I don’t believe any single athletes in Brunei don’t dream wanted to make it to the international games.


Something is damn fishy about the sports in our nation. Making public apologies after the start of the Olympic Games is totally unacceptable and I don’t even understand why not before the opening like earlier one or two month? What so hard about that? Probably because they feel very embarrass to tell the public, they decide to give us a big surprise on last Friday so everyone living in Brunei can joined hand to hand together with them facing the world of embarrassing. Damn, Clever I have to say.


Why Stupid?

Like I mention before, is it so hard to announced in the beginning Brunei will be excluded? I don’t even know what Ministry is really thinking about or perhaps they were lazy in the first place taking Olympic seriously? It surely turned into a question on what are the Ministry actually doing these days. What is it so hard register our local athlete’s? They said only two were selected and even mention one of them is injured on June. If that is the case why not just send one over there then to participate the game? I’m sure every one of hundred thousand will be happy to see only one trying hard for the game even without winning because it represents for the nation and should be proud.


Nothing is really good turn out from our nation by such useless minded person who doesn’t taking it seriously and faith on its athletes. Destroy every dreams of the local athletes is a worst thing in the world. I don’t really mind not having any crazy party on New Year in Brunei. But Brunei fail to participate from Olympic is simply just wrong. Everyone now can pray for good news that Brunei will not ban from IOC and any other Sea Games as well in the future.

Consumer Get Cheated and Beaten at SLS

I am glad coming back from Singapore without much trouble, except the GST problem. It's very important to be careful where you shops in Singapore when you travel there especially Sim Lim Square. Many Singaporean advise buyers not to get any PS3, PSP and other console like over there to avoid getting cheated. One of them eventually got into trouble after he got cheated and beaten up badly at SLS, Unit #02-76, by a shop currently known as 'Evolution Gaming LLP' who change its name often.


Check out the link for the whole story. Visit SG Club.

Red Alert 3 First Beta Key Received


Just installed the beta game yesterday and hit straight onto the internet playing the new fraction, Empire of the Rising Sun. I haven’t tested the Allies and Soviets yet because of the gameplay are completely different including changes on constructions building I am not familiar with. I even have no idea how the lobby chat room worked in RA3 and everyone screaming for help, this and that. I am expecting more update soon for us beta tester and huge changes on the lobby chat room.


How about the system requirement for the game you might ask. The currently system I am using are old AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 1GB RAM and NVIDIA Geforce 7600GT with playable in medium setting on the 1vs1 and 2vs2 game. I am going to lower down a bit today after I get back to juice up the performance and see how bad the graphic going to looks likes. Heck! I can’t wait to replace my entire PC parts with new one. Damn the car road tax and insurance coming!

P.U.S.S.Y Drink

Finally my P.U.S.S.Y (250ml) drink has arrived today and I went straight to the post to get it. Some problem did occur over there, not a big deal anyway. Just a warning about the drink I won from the internet last month at CPU3D that causes confusion over the customs thinking I am ordering an illegal drink which is non-approval by local researcher. I am grateful for their concern over the drink. Of course, I’m not that stupid enough not checking properly on these product.


IMG_2547 IMG_2548


Anyway, I’m sure that many of you may find the Pussy name really an unpleasant word especially not well for children’s to learn. If you do watch the “The F Word” UK cooking channel, both Gordon and Graham Norton did talked about the energy drink Pussy I think last week. But According to the news site at Digital Spy, it received a large volume of complaints after featuring it. Yup! It’s because of PUSSY name. PUSSY….


I haven’t decided to drink it yet, since I only received one. But I’m going to try it tomorrow as it will be a rough day at work. Probably a good idea keeping it and enjoy it myself. If you are interested to drink, you can buy it online at

About Pussy Energy Drink @

Pussy is Jonnie Shearer’s vision. He set up from his bedroom at 21 and launched in June 2004. Having designed the can and mixed the drink, the first cans rolled off the production line and landed in the London nightclub scene. We’re now a team of 10 and growing steadily.

Pussy energy drink is made with a blend of fresh white grape juice from Southern Italy, pressed Mexican limes and lightly carbonated water. These are then mixed with Grenadilla and Lychee flavours, infused with six selected botanical herbs

Bigfoot Body Found at Georgia?


This is rather interesting. It seems like there is some big news over the world about the Bigfoot finding by one of the private expeditions, Rick Dyer, from He claim he "accidentally" found the dead body of the Bigfoot deep in the Georgia woods and currently seeking legal counsel to copyright all his photos and videos. He also plan to announce revealing to the public (the world) on September 1st, next month.


Of course, other blogs and comments I have read so far that think it might be a hoax or something. Well, everyone will eventually know the truth if this is fake or real. But I do hope they handle and take care the dead body well enough since it was dead!


More related links to check out below:

NY Guy Worked in Convertible

This is the strangest thing I have ever find on the internet. I do know some people bring his/her laptop only worked on cars while waiting for someone or picking up kids at school. However, none of those can compete with these NY guy because he actually worked on his car for SEVEN YEARS!! WoW! XD


Read the info below and I know it it quite old. But he actually reappear in NY again recently and hit on the web again (Gizmodo etc).


Dr. Safwan Sweidan does some paperwork in his mobile and convertible office parked in Times Square in New York, Monday, Oct. 1, 2007. Sweidan has been using his car as an auxiliary office for seven years, which comes complete with a desk, computer, fax, flowers, and of course, a stereo. (Source: Daylife)


More picture here!