Dream Is Fascinating

Not to sure if I am talking about science, but it just a big question how the hell is it possible that human brain could write stories of your life and create a imagination scene itself. Even I was able to see the future events that are going to happen to me in some places and things I see that going to last few second. Luckily, it’s not about my future accident and death scene (yet). Even if it does have such bad future, there are likely very hard to prevent it which I believe.

I somehow did a search and find some of the website explaining how dreams might affect our daily life. The information provides look kind of bullshit to me when they write about the chasing, flying or other sort of things happen in your dream. Let’s hope someone can invent technology hardware that able to record down your dreams. If you remember the Final Fantasy: Spirit Within anime movie uses such technology for recording. But mostly I am much more interested in looking for answer why our brain could see the future for short period, since it much more interesting anyway.

But damn! Why not numbers? ^^;;

Crazy Virus call Win32.Virut.bx

Seems like this time it was a good opportunity to challenge a virus causing the Window XP, programs .exe file and pen drive infections goes mad! I couldn’t really able to find any good solutions to fix this problem especially when the stupid anti-virus programs also went berserk and trying to delete all the program .exe files that detect as a Trojans. This is the reason why it causing many program unable to run and ended up reformatting is the last solutions.

My colleagues told me not to waste the time fixing it and just reformat it. If every time I just using the reformat solutions. What the fuck do I learned from has been an IT Tech Support for so many years? I know its time consuming and don’t really care if they can’t fix it or not. But I simply wanted to try it because there are many freeware tools and shareware out there can be run for test removing it. There might be one or two of them might fix the problem and worth the try even if that mean of wasting time or unable to fix.

Check the Win32.Virut.bx threat information.

The Sign
If you want to know how this virus and trojons affect your Window. You will know right away.
1) When Window XP starts, you will encounter few pop up svchost.exe errors and that is the sign of infections. That kind of errors is related to your Window Auto update and system recovery cannot be easily turn off.

2) If you are smart enough, run the msconfig from run command and find if the services.exe (located in c:/window folder) run at startup. But don’t get confuse with the services.exe (located in system32 folder) run in the process as that is the original one, unless there are two of them then that is suspicious.

3) Your anti-virus went berserk cleaning and tries to delete or clean many infected programs .exe files.

4) Your pen drive will definitely infected by it. By most recommended, install a USB program that specialist in detecting removal storage hardware virus. There are freeware out there like USB Cop and MX One.

5) Users around you will have trouble surfing the internet because the virus have throw something on your PC doing the sending and receiving data.
This is currently the five sign of infections I could find in Window XP. If you have similar problem and more idea how it infect. Drop me a comments and I will update this post.

Like I said earlier, there are no best solutions to clean his shit out. My methods are simply using different kind of virus removal, adware and spyware removal tools to clean the infections. The only problem left I couldn’t solve is the PC will jam up the whole network I mention the fifth sign above. That is the only thing I can’t figure how it can be done. No results were found in Google or Yahoo for best solutions, but I really hope one day there are ways to resolve the network issue.

Anyhow, once you had done the cleaning. Backup your data and reformat it to prevent future infections. I will keep this post update if I could find a solution.

Eleventh Hour

Apart from The Mentalist, here’s another new US-series of crime investigation started last year called Eleventh Hour. This TV series are mostly involved in using scientific way of killing. Both FBI agent, known as Rachel Young and Jacob Hood a special science advisor were hired to investigate the case. According to the TV series, the stories are based from UK series “Eleventh Hour”. The only problems I find in this TV series are the explanations about science stuffs are quite hard to understand at first few series. After I continue watching, it somehow has better explanations and example’s to make the stories not to complicate to understand. Anyhow, everyone should check it out.

About Eleventh Hour

ELEVENTH HOUR from acclaimed producer Jerry Bruckheimer follows Dr. Jacob Hood, a brilliant biophysicist and special science advisor to the government, as he investigates scientific crises and oddities. His jurisdiction is absolute and Hood is dogged in his pursuit of those who would abuse and misuse scientific discoveries and breakthroughs for their own gain. His passion and crusade is to protect the substance of science from those with nefarious motives. He is called in at the eleventh hour and he represents the last line of defense. Special Agent Rachel Young is the decorated FBI protection officer assigned to watch Hood’s back. Based on the British miniseries by acclaimed writer Stephen Gallagher, the series is executive produced by Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Danny Cannon, Cyrus Voris, Ethan Reiff and Mick Davis for Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Official Website: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/eleventh_hour/

Green Frame HG 1/144 in Progress

Same as usual starting my work on Gunpla every Sunday which is the only free time I can spend. I will be continuing tomorrow as it was a public holiday for our country national day. What a good timing at Monday, but bad timing my paints run out and going to restock next month from HLJ.
Gundam Astray Green Frame doesn’t really have a lot of assembly parts compare to HGUC. I think I might be able to finish it by early next month so that I can begin my next Gunpla work. I already had done with the head and most of the inner parts. But I just need more sanding and review the colors I just saw earlier require some fix. Well, I guess the most surprising things I done today is finally decided to include eproxy putty on my work. It was quite easy and really handy for covering ugly holes. I somehow manage to done pretty good jobs on it and applied some on FG Rasiel kit too because I uses too much. Oh well, I’m a bitch somehow who can’t resist getting Rasiel kit.
IMG_3031 (640x461)
Anyway, continue to work the rest tomorrow.

The Mentalist

I’m sure probably most of you know about this new TV crime investigations series started last year. It’s very popular and I really love watching it. I can’t believe I’m totally back to Western TV show other than movies only. Anyone should check it out and start chasing.

Oh I forget, The Mentalist is so popular and has more than 16 million viewers every week in America. *O_O* Wow!!!

An interview with Simon Baker

About The Mentalist

THE MENTALIST stars Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation. Within the Bureau, Jane is notorious for his blatant lack of protocol and his semi-celebrity past as a psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. Jane's role in cracking a series of tough high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents. However, no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon openly resists having Jane in her unit and alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Jane's usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries. Lisbon's team includes agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt, who all think Jane's a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases.

Official Website: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/the_mentalist/

Office Chair Explodes, Kill Boy.

That was a serious shit and those office chair can be found any where. Seems like more stupid daily things to worried again. Here's the news post from Gizmodo.
Well, stories don't get much worse than this. A 14-year-old boy in China was killed when his chair exploded, sending chunks of metal into his rectum. The bleeding this caused killed him.

The alleged explosion came from the gas cylinder that was in the base of the chair, the part that allowed the user to adjust the seat up and down. The canister gets compressed when you sit on it, but can it actually create enough energy to make the seat cushion explode like that and kill a man? I doubt it, but this is what people are reporting.

My Gunpla Next Projects – February #09

After finished working on SRWOG R-Gun kits last week without any painting works going on. I am wondering which Gundam series going to be next. It’s really hard to make good decision because there always problem on the colors and modeling support goods (M.S,G) along with my works under the High (HG) and Master Grade (MG) model scale 1/100 category. It seems like the easiest way to solve my problem is always have to be start with HG 1/144 first because it doesn’t used as much M.S.G kit. Hmm...
Before I start doing the listing, I should do a stock check of my stuffs and plan some changes on my trading figures display. I think it’s been quite a while I haven’t done any arrangement on my display since it was well kept inside the display glass furniture. I am planning this Saturday afternoon a bit clean up on my rooms and dig up some of my toys collection.
Stock Check Feb 2009 As for my Gunpla collection, by looking at this photos (above), feel like just buying for junk collection rather than building it, don’t you think? It’s not that much really I have to say right now. Sooner or later there will be MORE!!! HA!!! As for the damages on my financial, I don’t really want to look at it. The total damages I can imagine should be close to 5k or more counting from the first online hunting for Japanese toys. Okay, anyhow, past is past. Anyone got to live with it no matter if that was mistake decision or not. But I can ensure myself I will not QUIT Gundam until end of my life or married. xP.
Next Plans for Gunpla Works:
  • HG 1/144 Gundam Astray [Green Frame] Type CCC (Customize Close Combats)
  • FG 1/144 Gundam Sefer Rasiel Form 3 (Phase Two Development)
  • HG 1/144 Xist’s CGue (Planning)
  • HG 1/144 Leon’s Justice Astray PMC Custom (Planning)
  • HG 1/100 Gundam Double OO Twin Drive Test - Dioroma (Planning)

Kotobukiya SRWOG R-Gun 1/144 Model

I never thought about buying Super Robot War Original Generation kit in my life. The robots designs are very attractive and the parts will eventually look great for Gundam. So, without too much question, I decided to buy R-Gun from HLJ Sales last month to see how great this kit could be that might change my mind for the next purchase.

IMG_3004 (640x480) Anyway, check out the box inside first.

IMG_3005 (640x480)

Although this kit originally release on 2005, I find it funny why Kotobukiya wasted so much box space when the production plastic kits are so short? Bandai don’t even make such mistake like that and it’s ain’t really cheap for ¥2,400 yen (luckily I got ¥1,200 yen). The quality of the plastic was disappointed and more like buying China plastic kits.

I’m not really sure how the rest of the latest kits are, but I know Kotobukiya option kits and model support goods are the most attractive products I am currently interested buying. If you are interested getting the R-Gun, get it at HLJ while it still hot on the sales list.

IMG_3006 (480x640) IMG_3010 (640x480)IMG_3011 (480x640)IMG_3013 (480x640)IMG_3014 (480x640) IMG_3015 (640x480)

IMG_3018 (640x480) IMG_3021 (480x640) IMG_3022 (480x640)IMG_3023 (480x640)

The First Worst Rape Simulation Game

I don’t know you guys, but after reading one of the Kotaku post. It was totally unbelievable the Japanese game developer would go so far making rape simulation PC games call “RapeLay”. The parents will definitely goes berserk if their kids play this game. Not to mention that the game is already up in the torrent for quite a while. Too all parents out there, if you see your children download such game call Rapelay, you should stop them immediately and smack their head.

This is the most shocking marketing games ever in the world and the UK is the first to raise this issue. Although the developer say it was not intentionally selling outside Japan, but someone manage to slip through it and up into the ebay or torrents. The worst parts are, this game also got an option to get other men to join in for attack, yes what you call gang bang', and force the women to get abortions if they get pregnant. I can’t believe that kind of ideas were included. Worst Hentai game ever released. Damn!

iShop2go.com Online Store Review V1.2

Review Update:

  • Update shipping information, payment methods and review revise (15/09/2009)
  • Updating iShop2go.com article with corrections and new shipping information (08/07/2009)

I’m not sure how many of you familiar with this online store, iShop2go.com. They are one of the Hong Kong online toy stores selling figurine, plastic models, and Japan hobby magazines and game consoles accessories.

I came across this website during my search for Dengeki Hobby Chinese version magazine. Both Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby are available in the store with two languages so if you are having hard time pre-order or the latest issue from Japanese store. You should drop by this place to get a copy especially the Chinese version.

First Contact

My first impression on the website was really bad when I first found it on Google list. iShop2go.com was not even listed in any top search instead ended up in page 5 or 6 as far I can remember. (I do received extra information from the commenter that they also using ebay under the same name selling toys. But I’m not sure how active they really were on it.)

IMG_2997 (640x480)

What reminds me back then was the member registration fails and gets errors often. No worry, the problem was eventually solved after launching their new redesigning layout. Everything works normal and the registration works as well. The only problem is just that they did clearly mention if we are paying either US or HK dollar. In the end I did found out paying in HK dollar after transferring to any payment page.

Price wise for most of the toys I survey. What surprises me the most is that some of the Gundam plastic kits like Master and High Grade version are little cheaper. I thought I was wrong about it but after I done some price comparison, it’s a real deal. They also do a weekly’s promotion from time to time, if you happen to find one of your favorite plastic kits and figures. I recommend you should take a look at it.

Payment Methods

They only accept Visa, Master card and Paypal. No additional charges using Paypal payment in their store. However, please note that this shop require made in direct payments once you place your orders or pre-orders.

Shipping and Packing

The only complain and not satisfied in my list is paying twice the amount for the EMS shipping. I have no idea how the two hobby magazines would end up weighting 3kg seriously. But it just makes me wonder if this is a new way of mark up their losses. Although, I didn’t encounter any damage during my last two orders I received.

The packing is really unacceptable when you are paying so much for it. These leads to the question how can it possible weight 3kg by using a used soft hard cover (even food tins boxes) for the packing? It was really disappointed seeing my stuffs deliver like this from overseas.

All the item weights are auto calculated on their website. There is also a new feature recently updated that can allow you to select locations to see how much it cost to ship to your country using either airmail or express. This can be done without signing in to your account.

For your information, they do offer various shipping services like FedEx, DHL etc. iShop2go.com allows you to request quote for any shipping services you want. For this time only in my review, I strongly advise using the airmail shipping services. The tracking is not that good. However, at least the Hong Kong post still can track where yours items landed and the fee is way a lot better than the EMS Hong Kong service. But this is depending on how the weights turn out in the end.


iShop2Go.com currently are the second Hong Kong merchant in my list that you can shop with. Well, the only complain so far I had now is the EMS (express) shipping fee is over charge, system weight auto calculation and service packing issue. I hope they themselves will realize it and address this problem in the future.

However, I’m sure this won’t likely going to happen. As everyone knows the joke from Russell Peter, we Chinese can’t give you a bargain. Nonetheless, if you are looking for hard to get rare figures, plastic kits and magazines that contain limited items. This is a good place to drop by and check it out.

HW Japan (HWJ) e-Store Review V1.2

HW Japan is a hobby supermarket online store from Japan based in Shizuoka. If you are looking for plastic model kits like Gundam, this store is definitely recommended for you because they offer up to 20% off the retail price for both Bandai and Tamiya products which I also can’t believe it when I can’t stop browsing the website. Other items like toys, kits and tools including the books and magazines also offer up to 6% discounts. There are some of the items offers 50% off for stock clearance I believe. Their discounts really beat the hell out of the others online store.

Review version 1.2:


- Correction on discount point system

- Update for items are flammable liquid issues

- Update shipping method information and includes HWJ FAQ links


Navigating Products

The categories listing are somewhat unfriendly for me. But after a few search, I slowly get used to it. My advice is use the search system on the website because there are a lot of products are mixed together and not well organize like HLJ. Even the shortcut links for pre-orders or new items doesn’t work and listed as not found. Worry Not. They include the drop down browse by manufacturer lists for easier to navigate. As for the stocks availability, you can see the stock available numbers shown in the page before you place your order.

HWJ do kindly advise don’t count on that numbers because if the stock check dated were last years or month records. They will inform you if there are no stocks available and let you choose if you want to modify your orders or removed it or wait for 7-10 working days for restock according to them. Quite an impressive friendly order I have ever seen.

Feature Systems

They also have a discount point system (HWJ Point or HP) like Hobby Search. The rate of the HP is up to 5%. The most surprising is that, it has no deadline for the point you earn which means you can save or spend it anytime without worrying the expiration rules in HWJ. I do discover that if you purchase some of the 50% off items, you won’t be receiving any HP. Not a big deal anyway, as long there is no expiration.


The shipping method is International Postal Air Service only (please note that no paints, sprays, adhesives shipped to foreign countries). I do find a bit tricky at some point. They don’t actually provide you the finalize shipment fee instead they charge you based on the estimate packing and includes the total weight of the items from their system. This happen when I decided to try and find out their service by buying MG Destiny Gundam (40% off), MG Decals (6% off) and Dengeki Hobby + Rasiel Bundle (6% off).

IMG_2998 (640x480) Same as usual, I used EMS delivery since SAL is never available for Brunei region. The huge surprises that I was able to receive on Monday when they shipped out few days ago. Nothing was damage during speedy air to Brunei and happy to received my goodies on that day. Do you really need an expensive DHL, FedEx or UPS just for fast shipping and tracking? Nah!


It was obvious that HW Japan much like a newcomer to me. But it’s good to have more optional choice on the online shopping locations especially for those of us who love bargains so much and saved for the next order. The only problems I encounter during my search are some items were restricting selling to international buyers especially like Gundam markers. That really scratch my head and think if the other can sell it, why can’t HW Japan?

According to HW Japan, They don't ship paints and markers because these items are flammable liquid are prohibited to ship by air by International postal laws and treaties. They also know that there are some online shops who export these items, but it's illegal to the law (Please read).

For further confirmation, they contacted to each manufacturers, GSI Creos, Tamiya, and Copic, if there is any item which is not prohibited to ship by air. The answer was no from both Copic and Tamiya, but only GSI Creos said that only one item can be shipped by International Post is Gundam Marker. Lucky!

For more information, please check the “Read Before Purchasing” and “Policy” pages.

Anyway, I should stop writing now and encourage you Gundam collectors to check it out yourself. The good thing is, they accept many different types of payments so it should shouldn’t be a problem.

New Online Toy Store’s Reviews Soon

If it wasn’t for me being an asshole not buying Dengeki Hobby 10th year’s anniversary magazine in the first place last year. I wouldn’t have able to discover this online store during my hard search for the magazine recently after I grow wanting more Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer. I finally get hold of them and decided to place my orders from two of these stores while they still available. At the meantime, this is also a good opportunity to check how fair the price and shipping comparing to the popular store like Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search.

My shipped items are on the way and once the goods arrived for inspections, in case of fake items. My review will be posted.

Open House and Land Slide in Sungai Liang

My uncle has already postponed quite many time due to the heavy rain quite often lately. Chinese New Year is almost finished on next Monday. This time without hesitating, I decided to follow my mom and other relatives decided to go. Nobody really think of the bad things might happen to us. The most we hate is just the traffic in the high way before the Sungai Liang. I don’t really quite understand why they need to put the damn cone blocking another lane. Everyone understands it’s for the safety reasons. Still it so suck everyone stuck there for at least 40 minute over there because everyone is trying to get home from work especially from LNG side.

05022009275 (640x480)  Worry or not, we continue our journey to my uncle house. Didn’t really expect we might need to use the umbrella to walk upstairs because he builds it outside the house instead of inside. There are pro and con about it. Anyway, it felt better over there enjoying some junk foods and while drying my jeans. Yeah, I went straight to my grandmother house after work. No point on having bath when you going to get bath by the heavy rain.

05022009283 (640x480)It seems like CNY is more like Hari Raya this year because everywhere I go is FOOD! Man, I really enjoying eating fried stuffs until my pimples start growing right now. ^^;;; DAMN!!! The most enjoyable open house foods are the dessert made by my uncle (learn from TV Shows) this time. It was delicious and some kids don’t like the taste. Wasted! Nah! I was like that when I was a kid, but now, I really like to try different foods as much as possible.

05022009288 (640x480)

Our time at my uncle house wasn’t that long because the rain keeps pouring down heavily which started to make us worried. It just didn’t expect there was land slide happens nearby the Police station when we got out from my uncle house. At first we thought probably might be a car accident because there are a lot of fools still speeding. After that, everyone started to get frustrated over the traffic and didn’t know what the hell is happen keeping everyone stop there for two and an half hours before start moving. Luckily my mom brother turns on the radio and happens to hear the news about the land slide in Sungai Liang through Pilihan radio. It appears to be around the police station and one of the power pole slides down causes only few home without electricity. It will be damn to those buy a beautiful house and live around there because it will be just unlucky.

Nonetheless, glad to be home and get a nice hot bath.

Brunei Has a Porno Celebrity?

That was really unexpected information found in Wikipedia and surprise to know we have a porno celebrity in our country. Her name is Jayna Oso, was born in Brunei and raised at Hawaii according to the Wiki. She is really quite popular in the states and not to mention hardcore porn star.

“This Photo belong to Shiroi Kaze

I don’t really know if that is true after I decided to look through her profile in the official porn site. It somehow didn’t state that she was from Brunei instead they only mention about Malaysia. I think this might be a mistake or something and probably her mother was Malaysian. It just my guess and only she herself know the answer. Well, if you want to dug deeper, you might want to visit her My Space and drop her a question.

Finally Done! RGM-79 Type GP

IMG_2970 (768x1024) Phew! Finally done spraying and applied some of the water decal. I shouldn’t have applied the South burning sticker on the body. It was a big mistake. Well, luckily it doesn’t stand out too much. Anyway, it actually took four days (once a week) to finish it. You can view my complete photos at BAKUC online, you do not need to register it to view, except if you want to leave your comments.
My next Gunpla I am planning to do is 1/144 Green Frame Astray or 1/100 Gundam Vitue. I am still looking for the custom color for Vitue in HLJ and I haven’t order the Celestial Being decal yet. I will start making orders by next month to decide which to start.