Dream Is Fascinating

Not to sure if I am talking about science, but it just a big question how the hell is it possible that human brain could write stories of your life and create a imagination scene itself. Even I was able to see the future events that are going to happen to me in some places and things I see that going to last few second. Luckily, it’s not about my future accident and death scene (yet). Even if it does have such bad future, there are likely very hard to prevent it which I believe.

I somehow did a search and find some of the website explaining how dreams might affect our daily life. The information provides look kind of bullshit to me when they write about the chasing, flying or other sort of things happen in your dream. Let’s hope someone can invent technology hardware that able to record down your dreams. If you remember the Final Fantasy: Spirit Within anime movie uses such technology for recording. But mostly I am much more interested in looking for answer why our brain could see the future for short period, since it much more interesting anyway.

But damn! Why not numbers? ^^;;


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