Kotobukiya SRWOG R-Gun 1/144 Model

I never thought about buying Super Robot War Original Generation kit in my life. The robots designs are very attractive and the parts will eventually look great for Gundam. So, without too much question, I decided to buy R-Gun from HLJ Sales last month to see how great this kit could be that might change my mind for the next purchase.

IMG_3004 (640x480) Anyway, check out the box inside first.

IMG_3005 (640x480)

Although this kit originally release on 2005, I find it funny why Kotobukiya wasted so much box space when the production plastic kits are so short? Bandai don’t even make such mistake like that and it’s ain’t really cheap for ¥2,400 yen (luckily I got ¥1,200 yen). The quality of the plastic was disappointed and more like buying China plastic kits.

I’m not really sure how the rest of the latest kits are, but I know Kotobukiya option kits and model support goods are the most attractive products I am currently interested buying. If you are interested getting the R-Gun, get it at HLJ while it still hot on the sales list.

IMG_3006 (480x640) IMG_3010 (640x480)IMG_3011 (480x640)IMG_3013 (480x640)IMG_3014 (480x640) IMG_3015 (640x480)

IMG_3018 (640x480) IMG_3021 (480x640) IMG_3022 (480x640)IMG_3023 (480x640)


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