Open House and Land Slide in Sungai Liang

My uncle has already postponed quite many time due to the heavy rain quite often lately. Chinese New Year is almost finished on next Monday. This time without hesitating, I decided to follow my mom and other relatives decided to go. Nobody really think of the bad things might happen to us. The most we hate is just the traffic in the high way before the Sungai Liang. I don’t really quite understand why they need to put the damn cone blocking another lane. Everyone understands it’s for the safety reasons. Still it so suck everyone stuck there for at least 40 minute over there because everyone is trying to get home from work especially from LNG side.

05022009275 (640x480)  Worry or not, we continue our journey to my uncle house. Didn’t really expect we might need to use the umbrella to walk upstairs because he builds it outside the house instead of inside. There are pro and con about it. Anyway, it felt better over there enjoying some junk foods and while drying my jeans. Yeah, I went straight to my grandmother house after work. No point on having bath when you going to get bath by the heavy rain.

05022009283 (640x480)It seems like CNY is more like Hari Raya this year because everywhere I go is FOOD! Man, I really enjoying eating fried stuffs until my pimples start growing right now. ^^;;; DAMN!!! The most enjoyable open house foods are the dessert made by my uncle (learn from TV Shows) this time. It was delicious and some kids don’t like the taste. Wasted! Nah! I was like that when I was a kid, but now, I really like to try different foods as much as possible.

05022009288 (640x480)

Our time at my uncle house wasn’t that long because the rain keeps pouring down heavily which started to make us worried. It just didn’t expect there was land slide happens nearby the Police station when we got out from my uncle house. At first we thought probably might be a car accident because there are a lot of fools still speeding. After that, everyone started to get frustrated over the traffic and didn’t know what the hell is happen keeping everyone stop there for two and an half hours before start moving. Luckily my mom brother turns on the radio and happens to hear the news about the land slide in Sungai Liang through Pilihan radio. It appears to be around the police station and one of the power pole slides down causes only few home without electricity. It will be damn to those buy a beautiful house and live around there because it will be just unlucky.

Nonetheless, glad to be home and get a nice hot bath.


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