Finally Done! RGM-79 Type GP

IMG_2970 (768x1024) Phew! Finally done spraying and applied some of the water decal. I shouldn’t have applied the South burning sticker on the body. It was a big mistake. Well, luckily it doesn’t stand out too much. Anyway, it actually took four days (once a week) to finish it. You can view my complete photos at BAKUC online, you do not need to register it to view, except if you want to leave your comments.
My next Gunpla I am planning to do is 1/144 Green Frame Astray or 1/100 Gundam Vitue. I am still looking for the custom color for Vitue in HLJ and I haven’t order the Celestial Being decal yet. I will start making orders by next month to decide which to start.


  1. Wow.. This looks so clean, you did a fine job here.

    Uh, what type of paint did you use?

  2. Hey, Im using Mr Hobby and Gundam spray paint for the work.

  3. Ohh.. Sadly stores who had them are far from my place. Might as well look for alternatives.

    And did I say I really love the paintjob? :3

  4. Well the store is much far far from my place too and i get it from HLJ because that is the only online store they can send to my country.


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