Fansproject – CA-04 Stormbomb Review

Stormbomb was the fourth released of the Causality series by Fansproject. The fifth (or last) Backfiery is now pending for release in October worldwide. I haven’t placed my order yet, not until settling the credit card debt first. In case you asked, yes, same price and stocks still available at RK for purchase while I am writing this review.

Gundam TR-1 Hazel II Sniper Custom–W.I.P

This is the Hazel Sniper Custom I am working on this month. There won’t be any modifications since most of the Advance of Zeta Gunpla lines are mix and match. I am expecting to finish this Sunday and jump start working on Federation Wagtail demonstration unit.

Reapplying Brunei Lost Land

Too busy lately and stress cleaning up my mom mess for preparing papers and letter for reapplying the lost land. Never ever believe any dumbass says you are automatically transferred to new land or the Government letter you didn’t receive should be ignore. You should always inquiries the status of your land application monthly and make sure the letter reach you.

My mom Sg Teraban land was already terminated by the BSP without knowing anything for three years. The letter didn’t arrive and stuck in the file. Three years late is totally a big blow to us and now no one knows if PR still able to get any land to build houses anymore. We can’t apply for national housing or even finding semi-detach housing that are affordable.

I don’t know what to do anymore so decide to drop by the land department and inquire for any possible way to apply for housing. As long you are not holding yellow IC, there are no solutions. Unless you are rich then those are definitely not going to be hard life.

The chief lady told me to tried reapply in the land department again. In case we might get land in Lumut. There’s a catch and needed a lot of procedures which also needed the Pengulu signature or recommendation. So it’s tricky situations going there and there. What I dislike one thing is buying the form gets silly question. It appears not many locals are please when I trying to apply for lands.

First respond I ever get hit by is what for applying for land when there are no more for you? That was harsh or way of attacking me in the morning. Not only that, she started asking me if I got the Pengulu approval letters to get the form. I was huh? As far my conversation with the chief, it never mention anything about require getting approval letter first before buying the form. I do not believe there are such procedure asking goes there and there.

It is obvious some kind of direct attack stopping me getting the form. I don’t really care much their behaviors and wasting time on pay back. I am worrying sick without getting any land for building our own family house. My mom already got cheated by the friends and wasted 10k on missing land already that no longer able to get any refund. I want to do this right and need good respond from the Government how they going to deal with this.

Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe

I have been looking for this songs put in the Body of Proof TV US drama for a long time. Now I finally found out who the artist is. If you guys have watched the drama, you should check out it and as well the song below.

CA-04 Stormbomb and Warpath Arrived!

Pick up today. Same as usual pre-order at RK and another free Transformers Movie trading card collection pack. As many who still don’t know, the Casualty CA-04 Stormbomb comes with Thrudershred full shuriken replacement which is great addition. Review going to up soon once I done the photo shooting. Interestingly also, the Stormbomb dairy card mention something about a traitor Stardust. Could it be another upcoming Fansproject next project planning for next year?

Toys “R” Us Open in Brunei

Many great joy and cheers finally seeing Toys “R” Us open in Brunei. Last Sunday I (with sis and cousin) went over there after sending my mom and nephew to the airport. The location isn’t really friendly finding for KB folks. I did remember how to get there in the past (5-6 years) but needed to drive around to recall the way.

The place occupied almost half the blocks and sees tons of toys there. Damn, what a wonderland for me. But what are cost of the toys there? Seriously I don’t know if it would be correct comparing to Miri branch? My cousin can answer since he brought many toys over there. According to him, yes, most of the toys here are cheaper around 5-7+. It may not be much because you can’t compare the current high exchange rate for ringgit.

So did I get anything there? Well, I choose Lego City 4 in 1 Super Pack currently sold for BND$39.90. I was thinking about going for Nerf Stampede which price at $79.90 with extra free bullet pack. Thanks to my carelessness overly order Gunpla last month. I have to limit my budget spending for this month.

It just too bad I haven’t seen any Lego Space Defense Force Alien Conquest there yet even not seeing any Transformers Reveal the Shield. Probably because just open not long ago so may be more coming sooner I hope. Not sure if we might expect seeing Toy “R” Us exclusive toy there or not. If there are, man I am going to drive up there to hunt more toys since I got a membership card during my purchase.

For your information, you must spend more than BND$50.00 to be eligible getting free membership card. The card are usable in Asia no matter which Toy “R” Us branch you visit. If you got the card from Miri, you can also use it there.

Speak Up on Tragedy Photos

There are a lot of (pointless) opinions and complains lately on Brunei Times newspaper regarding the photos published on 7th September news about the Muslim family girls in car accident at school. The readers are unhappy because the photos are either disrespectful or whatever they can think of and even call it cultural sensitivity problem at Twitter.

Honestly, neither I see anything wrong in the photo nor do I find anyway that insults the Muslim family. That just my personal opinions and rest of the locals are mixed to this issue. Most important question of all, did the family agree the photos can be published by the BT newspaper on that day? According to them, yes, the family gave permission to the photographers to go ahead. End of story.

Since I involved in the discussion, I decided to ask around Malay colleagues today and let those sees the BT news photos. I did point out is it the photo shows the body of the girl that make them feel too sensitive’s and disrespectful to the family? They didn’t find that is the problem and as long the families allow BT publishing on the newspaper. Of course they are some find disturbing and unable to describe what makes them feel uncomfortable after looking at the photos.

Photos can mean anything. It just the discussions sometimes went overboard even involving culture sensitively issue which I find it really stupid. So it’s pointless continue debating who is right or wrong and give the family a break.

If you would like to (or continue) express your concern and opinions on the BT photos, discuss this using hash tag #BTpix and #brunei (if you wish) in your Twitters. Check the guidelines for more information.

The Worst Nightmare Having iPad 2 3G

Sometimes owing an iPad 2 3G are convenient for browsing the internet and download application directly. However, bad thing do happen if you are not very careful. Never mind about the Foursquare app (or others) in your phones or tablets which many of you already know telling others where you at. But the worst part is paying high price on your 3G phone bills which is the shittiest financial blow to your life.

My mom and nephew flew back here not long ago. Apparently they bring along the iPad 2 3G version with them because my nephew is so stubborn wanted to play games. What they didn’t realize is the Singtel services are continue charging the roaming fee mad after they arrived in Brunei. Totally a big nightmare to my brother after realizing the Sim card didn’t pull out from the device. The charging kept jumping to S$2000+.

Some of you may suggest turning on the flight mode or switching off the sim mode are going to stop the roaming. Let me tell you IT DOESN”T WORK. I have no idea what online applications did my sister-in-law installed in the iPad 2. These applications are doing something silly by turning on the sim mode automatically in the setting without realizing.

I double check the setting and yes, it was fully off. But my brother still calling back to turn off the iPad 2 because according to the Singtel, it is continues charging. I choose the best option to solve this issue by taking out the sim card completely.

My brother is entirely now in a fury mode. I understand his situation due to the rise on taxes and increase standard of living in Singapore. Well, they both are going to get scolded when getting back there this week badly. Nonetheless, this is very important lesson not to forget taking out the sim card if you are using service plan before going for vacations. Otherwise, better off using prepaid card for safer way if you are forgetful person or just get non 3G iPad 2 instead.

TFCC Membership Exclusive Toy 2011 – Side Burn

Side Burn is this year Transformers Collectors’ Club member incentive exclusive toy. As many of you know, Side Burn is none other a redeco version of Rodimus. It just sad that doesn’t come with any art box. At the same time, the wing tail was bent 90 degree during the arrival.

It’s not serious, luckily. But I am really disappointed how the staff’s at TFCC pack my toy without any single foam or bubble plastic inside the box before shipping out from the US. It is so hard to find left over or recycle foam stuff over there are somehow puzzling me. No one can imagine how the folks going to replace if the toy comes in damage.

Anyway, the redeco Side Burn doesn’t come with disappointment on the paint application. Although I did discover some area did not done properly on the painting. He still turns out really details and looks different with Rodimus, only thing is just too bad not getting any new head treatment. Hopefully Fansproject might release new TFX Protector for Side Burn in the future. *Click read more for more photos.

HGUC Gundam Unicorn with Head Display

Again, I messed up with the lining. It seems like I really have to stop applying too much lining into the all Gunpla kits. Even though it doesn’t stand out too much from the distance but I still find it disappointed. This is the mistake I always made not researching other modeler painting works loh.

Anyway, I didn’t include the bazooka because it would be nice having it on destroy mode. So instead I give a pair of DX Hobby Gatling gun. I think having another one holding on the hand to make it triple. Things weren’t always going according to the plan when the weapon holder is too small to hold. Well there goes for the China cheap quality products.