TFCC Membership Exclusive Toy 2011 – Side Burn

Side Burn is this year Transformers Collectors’ Club member incentive exclusive toy. As many of you know, Side Burn is none other a redeco version of Rodimus. It just sad that doesn’t come with any art box. At the same time, the wing tail was bent 90 degree during the arrival.

It’s not serious, luckily. But I am really disappointed how the staff’s at TFCC pack my toy without any single foam or bubble plastic inside the box before shipping out from the US. It is so hard to find left over or recycle foam stuff over there are somehow puzzling me. No one can imagine how the folks going to replace if the toy comes in damage.

Anyway, the redeco Side Burn doesn’t come with disappointment on the paint application. Although I did discover some area did not done properly on the painting. He still turns out really details and looks different with Rodimus, only thing is just too bad not getting any new head treatment. Hopefully Fansproject might release new TFX Protector for Side Burn in the future. *Click read more for more photos.


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