The Worst Nightmare Having iPad 2 3G

Sometimes owing an iPad 2 3G are convenient for browsing the internet and download application directly. However, bad thing do happen if you are not very careful. Never mind about the Foursquare app (or others) in your phones or tablets which many of you already know telling others where you at. But the worst part is paying high price on your 3G phone bills which is the shittiest financial blow to your life.

My mom and nephew flew back here not long ago. Apparently they bring along the iPad 2 3G version with them because my nephew is so stubborn wanted to play games. What they didn’t realize is the Singtel services are continue charging the roaming fee mad after they arrived in Brunei. Totally a big nightmare to my brother after realizing the Sim card didn’t pull out from the device. The charging kept jumping to S$2000+.

Some of you may suggest turning on the flight mode or switching off the sim mode are going to stop the roaming. Let me tell you IT DOESN”T WORK. I have no idea what online applications did my sister-in-law installed in the iPad 2. These applications are doing something silly by turning on the sim mode automatically in the setting without realizing.

I double check the setting and yes, it was fully off. But my brother still calling back to turn off the iPad 2 because according to the Singtel, it is continues charging. I choose the best option to solve this issue by taking out the sim card completely.

My brother is entirely now in a fury mode. I understand his situation due to the rise on taxes and increase standard of living in Singapore. Well, they both are going to get scolded when getting back there this week badly. Nonetheless, this is very important lesson not to forget taking out the sim card if you are using service plan before going for vacations. Otherwise, better off using prepaid card for safer way if you are forgetful person or just get non 3G iPad 2 instead.


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