Fansproject – CA-04 Stormbomb Review

Stormbomb was the fourth released of the Causality series by Fansproject. The fifth (or last) Backfiery is now pending for release in October worldwide. I haven’t placed my order yet, not until settling the credit card debt first. In case you asked, yes, same price and stocks still available at RK for purchase while I am writing this review.
The Box
He comes with the same standard box and packaging. So nothing special about except good news that FP decided to pack an extra (or replacement) complete shuriken weapon set for Thundersherd. This is due to many complains and broken reports from the collectors.
The Toy
First of all, it is sad that my Stormbomb comes with QC issue from the factory. Although it’s not quite serious from my view, but I do feel slowly disappoint. I hope the next order don’t have this kind of repeated problem.
Anyway, the design somehow has been given more articulations points. Even the hip has articulated point allow movable freely for the body too rather only turn 360 degree. The looks doesn’t seem out of place, again, just the assemble area with holes are visible even during transformation.
Interestingly, FP putting extra stuff for both arms optionally to attach Thundershred gauntlets blades set or other compatible weaponry. It does somewhat looks cool and strange for me. This is just an optional choice for your own displaying taste.
He comes with 2 sets of melee weapons. One with two small scythes can be store at the side of their shoulders. The second two daggers like can be combined into one and store at the back or the horn. You will also find a weighted chain which allows you to form different combinations weaponry like chain-sickle. Well I did try a test putting him hanging for a while. Surprisingly it does hold up well not even falling within half an hour. Nice.
Transforming to Rhino Beetle mode is quite easy as well. This time, the manual for transforming steps are correctly listed. I did find separate manual guide which according to some that helps you to transform more easily into robot mode. I myself not really sure but it does help transforming to Rhino Beetle easy, not in robot mode.
I don’t know what happen to FP, apparently there are design problem on the Rhino Beetle. My personally have to admit this is another disappointment discovery. They did a great job having more articulation points but none focus on the Rhino Beetle legs. Trust me. None of the single feet manage reaching the ground.
Final Conclusion
I am quite hard to recommend the toy for some reason in this review. There is no problem recommending Thundershred since it is just the bad quality plastic made shuriken weapon. For Stormbomb, it’s different. You can easily spot the flaws in the Rhino Beetle mode. But the robot mode is fine somehow.
I already posted the photo in the FP Facebook and complain again at their QC issue. I do hope there are going to be improvements in the future. Let’s hope my Backfiery not going to more worse than now.


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