The One Million Master Piece Website Update!

Everyone probably already heard of this website. If you haven't, head over there now as The One Million Master Piece has already upgrade the website today including launching more new cool features for the members. Here's what its says:

"Here are three ways that you can become eligible for an account upgrade without having to make a donation to the project and its partner charities.

Refer your friends
  • By sending out invitations and ecards to your friends, or posting banners and buttons on the web you will gain referral points when anyone you've recommended to the site joins up. If you refer 10 people that make a donation you will automatically be upgraded to a project Supporter.
2) Post news items
  • For a limited time we're going to upgrade any member that posts five pieces of news on our news pages. News items can be anything arts or project related that is current or interesting to other members. You can submit your entry via our submission page, where an Administrator will check it over before making it public. You need to notch up five published posts before getting the upgrade! Read more about what is considered news.
3) Be an active community member
  • If you're an active member of the community and post in the forums, write bulletin entries, vote on your favourite pictures and generally get involved with the project then the Administrator team are more likely to nominate you for an upgrade.
by Paul Fisher"

The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project

Save Our Trees...

Deforestation is one of the most unforgivable act in every countries. That's why the technology came up with an idea of recycling the used paper. But that's not the case, we are even polluting the environment too from the factories at the same time no matter how advanced they tried. So! Our internet world steps in and help to solved that problem. Of course, not entirely. However it still helps to reduced maybe 70% of tree to be cut down IF the world publishers uses online for magazines.

Recently, I just came across finding a surprise magazine link from Xia Xue last weeks. Its called S.ave O.ur T.rees Magazine from Singapore publishers. You guys shouldn't missed this great magazine as they cover most of fashions (streets style), tech gadgets, clothes and wears, celebrities interview, shops and even more you might going to read in the future! Their magazines are still consider a new face on the internet since it just launched not long ago on April starting this year. More importantly, S.ave O.ur T.rees Magazine is FREE!?! :smile: All you need is sign up yourself at their websites and get the link direct to the download or read it at the browsers as optional choice. Enjoy!

Music Video: We Live in Singapura!

Ok, I don't live in Singapore. But I just found this comedy video were quite popular in Youtube called 'I Live in Singapura' written by Hossan Leong, also known as one of Singapore’s most popular and successful television and theatre actors. Other part about him don't really know if he is gay. ^^; But the way he walked and he move really proved that his is gay or something on the video. My sister wasn't wrong about him based on her instinct. Its better you watch the real live version for better answer. However, there is also a MTV cartoon version made by NCHProductions. It very cool and even more funny. Here's the video! Enjoy!

Toro and Kuro Reunion...

Finally both EVA01-F Type and Toro action figures have arrived on Saturday, last week. I should have put up earlier as I didn't know I can actually able to link my photo album direct to Facebook. All you need is scroll down to very last of the page and look for a words written "Show people this album by sending them this public link".

Well, here's mine! Click Here for my June 2007 Collection Album!

I'm in Facebook!

Ok, I was invited by a girl named Alicia Wan. I don't quite really know or even seen her before except received some of her movie newsletter from the past. I got a bad memories remembering some of my classmate friends. ^^; Hehehe...anyway, I would like to thank her for inviting me to join Facebook.

If any of you would like to add me to your friend list, please type in my email address: as I have no idea how to link direct to my profile instead using invitations.

Evil Blog Contest by John Chow

You guys ever visit John Chow dot com? If you are looking for ways or wanted to learn how to make money with your blogs. You definately want to head over to John Chow dot com, as his blog that helps you to make money. As a reader who can't stop visiting his blog everydays. He is now giving away a 24″ wide screen LCD monitor LG brand! Not to mention that anyone in the world can JOIN!!! Thanks to the sponsored by Bluefur, who wants to let you know that they’re hosting Canada and the rest of the world.

To enter the contest, you just have to write about it. Okay. Now give me the monitor! JC!

LEGO Always Rock!

Yeah! LEGO really rock! Many parents in Brunei normally think it was just a simply toys for kids to play and throw away when they grown up. I gave mine away to my uncle son after I stop keeping the Lego toy in my messy room. I am now thinking about asking it back! ^^; HA! Cursed the recent discovery few great LEGO community website like Mecha hub. It sure making me feel guilty when looking at so many creative users making so many robot that I ever wished to do back in my younger age time. I don't really know what I should do in my current 25 life now and asking question if I should start buying LEGO or not. People might find me funny or weird who still playing LEGO. But hey, like I said earlier. LEGO is not just a simple toys and believed me, you can do a LOT of creative things with it. Currently there are two of my favorite LEGO mecha I found today. Check out their impressive work at Legostyle (Japanese) and jehkay (Singaporean, I think!). Other recommended site I would encourage you guys visit Brickshelf.

Finally Arrived! My HGUC!!!

Finally my HGUC model and the kits order have arrived together with Kuro Limited Edition made by Revoltech. There are still two more Revoltech toys coming and I hope I will be able to get it by this week. Since it just took five days to arrived to Brunei. I'm going to made another order for the accessories includin some missing colors. It sure cost me a lot and I can't stop placing the orders. T-T Argg...Well, that can't be help as long you really need these tools to help in your modeling work.

Boomslang Limited Edition 2007

I wonder if I am going to get Razer special Boomslang online. Since the release date and pricing wasn't confirm yet. But I am expecting it might cost me something as I could get more figurines toys in my collection. Nah! Better leave this things out for next year PC system upgrade. I should focus my contest at CM first.

Gundam Double 'O' Preview

Probably one of the most looking forward animations I am waiting for this October this year. If you haven't watch the short preview, you can visit Gundam OO website. Famitsu Japan has the preview of the current upcoming action-figures or probably a assemble version coming too for this year. Ah...I just can't wait to get my hands on this guys. Probably I might went out broke ^^; before getting one of them since I had just made a quite large orders from Hobby Link Japan this month which I pre-order eariler. Its already shipped and I am currently waiting for it. Hopefully I will be able to get it then by next two weeks. Well, expect some nice picture up too.

You Want Zune? You Will love Ms.Danielle!

Ok, everyone knows what Zune is. But you just can't get it in Asia right now. Well, the lovely Ms. Danielle I just come across from John Chow blog, is currently giving away a 30GB Microsoft Zune in her new blog site. Love it! Right? What you need to do is check out her blog for the rules for the contest, if you are thinking about joining the game.

But do remember! Make sure you just don't looking at her contest only! ^^; You simply just can't missed out any of her great articles found in her new blog like Make Money Online vs. Get Rich Quick. Of course, you probably going to expecting more funny articles too from her sooner aside talking about making money.

Another One Year Old

Can't believed it another one year number has been added to my age yesterday. Well, no celebrating birthday party for me. Just only having my nice KFC meal and a Death Note I DVD collection from my sister. How about from my friends? Hmmm...none! I don't really want to blame any of them forgetting my special day because I am just like one of them too. So nothing to feel bad about not enjoying my birthday with friends and family. I am a person who wanted to lived with a simple life and enjoyed something I always wish for. That's why I brought a KFC meal to enjoy my boring birthday night alone watching anime.

Any wished for this year? Hmm...just hope everything is a good days! Well, only one complained! The KFC Zinger hamburger taste is so BAD!

Contest Addiction...

Wow...It was totally insane playing the watermark games. Its been a week the contest has been started as currently there are only four crazy (including me) users still playing. I spend almost every between two to three hours chasing the others runner on top. Damn! They sure giving me a hard time chasing them like that because they are mostly are student and I am employed. My time spending on the game were much lesser. Only Saturday and Sunday are the best for me. I hate to say this, Coolermaster really need to reconsider doing some changes over the contest time. Two month is just too long for a simple contest for watermark and invitations. Not to mention there weren't much prize to be won lol.

Extra: Some update over the Algoco. It seems like the website traffic is back to normal now. Anyone can register the account here and grab your Viewbar program start earning some money. Also i made a mistake about the limited time. Its 5 hour per month. Sorry! ^^;

Agloco Viewbar is Available Worldwide!

Alright people! Agloco, the online free money maker Viewbar is now available for download! I have been waited for so long for it until I visit the website to check out for latest update. The traffic entering to the website are totally jam! After the announcement of the Viewbar availability. I was so happy to get it download early from my member center and test it directly. You can check out the picture below how its look like! :roll:

Join Agloco for Free!

Viewbar picture

My first impressions always think if the Viewbar might interrupt my view in the browser. You should know that everyone doesn't like advertisements and pop up! Well, after using it for few hours. It doesn't seems to annoyed me much and no pop up message did appear in front of me. At least for now, but if you doesn't like how it look in your desktop. You can always used the feature to hide it and continue to surf your website. They sure done a right thing! :smile: But do remember that you do also earn money using the search engine (Google, Yahoo etc) in the Viewbar too! Oh, I forgot to mention. It works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser! Nice! more thing before you guys joined Agloco. The program only allow you to surf for limited 5 hours per month, so don't expect you are going to earn lots of money through it. Think about your health too! :smile: Anyway, Agloco is another free 'Make Money Online' programs and its open for Worldwide! If you guys already joined, get it now from your member center.

For those who are new, Agloco is free to joined. Click Here if you haven't joined. It takes only few minutes to sign and download the Viewbar (2.2MB).

Clicking Like Nerd

Coolermaster is celebrating their 15th anniversary and giving away great three prizes for participating its contest, which will last until July 30th. I was lucky enough to join the contest early and hit straight to top today. Its was totally crazy chasing the Canadian and the Belgium user from third positions. I click and click almost the whole hours sitting there like a nerd. Both of the user sure giving me a hard time chasing them. Although I already made to the top, it still too early to judge the results as they are able to chased me unless they decide to activate themselves into a nerd like me clicking the whole days for points and chased for the top. The reason for getting so fire up because the the grand prize is totally worth saving your money as you will get both CM newest casing and a 850Watt PSU. Do you think anyone wouldn't want that? Ok enough says, better off clicking more points without worried getting chased! ^^;