LEGO Always Rock!

Yeah! LEGO really rock! Many parents in Brunei normally think it was just a simply toys for kids to play and throw away when they grown up. I gave mine away to my uncle son after I stop keeping the Lego toy in my messy room. I am now thinking about asking it back! ^^; HA! Cursed the recent discovery few great LEGO community website like Mecha hub. It sure making me feel guilty when looking at so many creative users making so many robot that I ever wished to do back in my younger age time. I don't really know what I should do in my current 25 life now and asking question if I should start buying LEGO or not. People might find me funny or weird who still playing LEGO. But hey, like I said earlier. LEGO is not just a simple toys and believed me, you can do a LOT of creative things with it. Currently there are two of my favorite LEGO mecha I found today. Check out their impressive work at Legostyle (Japanese) and jehkay (Singaporean, I think!). Other recommended site I would encourage you guys visit Brickshelf.


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