Save Our Trees...

Deforestation is one of the most unforgivable act in every countries. That's why the technology came up with an idea of recycling the used paper. But that's not the case, we are even polluting the environment too from the factories at the same time no matter how advanced they tried. So! Our internet world steps in and help to solved that problem. Of course, not entirely. However it still helps to reduced maybe 70% of tree to be cut down IF the world publishers uses online for magazines.

Recently, I just came across finding a surprise magazine link from Xia Xue last weeks. Its called S.ave O.ur T.rees Magazine from Singapore publishers. You guys shouldn't missed this great magazine as they cover most of fashions (streets style), tech gadgets, clothes and wears, celebrities interview, shops and even more you might going to read in the future! Their magazines are still consider a new face on the internet since it just launched not long ago on April starting this year. More importantly, S.ave O.ur T.rees Magazine is FREE!?! :smile: All you need is sign up yourself at their websites and get the link direct to the download or read it at the browsers as optional choice. Enjoy!


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