Contest Addiction...

Wow...It was totally insane playing the watermark games. Its been a week the contest has been started as currently there are only four crazy (including me) users still playing. I spend almost every between two to three hours chasing the others runner on top. Damn! They sure giving me a hard time chasing them like that because they are mostly are student and I am employed. My time spending on the game were much lesser. Only Saturday and Sunday are the best for me. I hate to say this, Coolermaster really need to reconsider doing some changes over the contest time. Two month is just too long for a simple contest for watermark and invitations. Not to mention there weren't much prize to be won lol.

Extra: Some update over the Algoco. It seems like the website traffic is back to normal now. Anyone can register the account here and grab your Viewbar program start earning some money. Also i made a mistake about the limited time. Its 5 hour per month. Sorry! ^^;


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