Clicking Like Nerd

Coolermaster is celebrating their 15th anniversary and giving away great three prizes for participating its contest, which will last until July 30th. I was lucky enough to join the contest early and hit straight to top today. Its was totally crazy chasing the Canadian and the Belgium user from third positions. I click and click almost the whole hours sitting there like a nerd. Both of the user sure giving me a hard time chasing them. Although I already made to the top, it still too early to judge the results as they are able to chased me unless they decide to activate themselves into a nerd like me clicking the whole days for points and chased for the top. The reason for getting so fire up because the the grand prize is totally worth saving your money as you will get both CM newest casing and a 850Watt PSU. Do you think anyone wouldn't want that? Ok enough says, better off clicking more points without worried getting chased! ^^;


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